Republicans Blast Mayorkas For Pushing Shameful Narrative About Domestic Terrorism


Republicans were outraged by the inability of Alejandro Mayorkas, Homeland Security Secretary, to name one domestic terrorist case that his department has referred back to the Department of Justice to be prosecuted. They also called for Mayorkas’ resignation or impeachment.

Mayorkas reiterated his belief that domestic violent extremism is the greatest threat to the homeland during testimony before the House Judiciary Committee.

Rep. Greg Steube (R-Fla.) asked Mayorkas for information on any domestic terrorist referrals he had made to the DOJ. Mayorkas refused to provide any data, but said he would after the hearing.

Steube stated to Fox News Digital that he has not heard back from DHS and that he doubts he will ever receive a reply.

Following the heated exchange with GOP lawmakers, Republicans accused Biden Administration in interviews of exacerbating or fabricating domestic terrorism to avoid the real problem of the migrant crossings at historically high levels.

Steube stated to Fox News Digital, “It tells us that they haven’t referred anyone from Homeland Security (White nationalism-related charges) to DOJ.” It just shows that the Biden administration’s narrative that White nationalism and domestic terrorism are the No. White nationalism and domestic terrorist are the biggest threats to the homeland.

Steube supports Mayorkas’ impeachment, if the GOP wins Congress.

Steube stated that they are trying to avoid the obvious threat to democracy and the safety and security for American citizens at the southern border.

Fox News Digital contacted DHS for information but did not receive a response. Fox News Digital requested data on domestic terrorist criminal referrals. DHS also wanted to know more about the DHS assessment that domestic terror poses a greater threat than the influx of immigrants at the border.

In FY 2021, there were more than 1.7million migrant encounters. FY 2022 is already on track to surpass that number. There are more than 1,000,000 encounters expected in the first six months alone. The terror watch list included at least 23 individuals who crossed the southern border in 2021.

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) said that Mayorkas’ claims of domestic terrorism were being made by “Democrats absolutely gaslighting American people”. “I don’t believe that is the greatest threat to our homeland. The invasion at the southern border is our greatest threat.”

Boebert supports impeachment, and Friday co-authored legislation to defund another Mayorkas initiative — the “Disinformation Governance Board,” which was created to eradicate misinformation.

Chairman of the Republican Study Committee Jim Banks accused President Biden’s homeland-security chief of spreading lies. Banks led a letter along 130 Republicans, including GOP leadership that challenged Mayorkas’ “suitability to office.”

Banks, R.I. stated that the Biden administration continues to lie to Americans and uses “disinformation” to discredit their critics. “DHS created the new ‘Disinformation Governance Board’ because Mayorkas is unable to see a single case White supremacist terrorist terrorism, despite saying it’s the greatest threat to the country.

Scott Perry, R-Pa. House Freedom Caucus Chairman, lashed out at Mayorkas for not focusing on U.S. citizens more than the “criminals or potential terrorists” who cross the border.

Perry stated to Fox News Digital that Perry’s goal was to stigmatize Democratic political opponents by accusing them as domestic terrorists, but couldn’t name a single referral to the Justice Department. Perry stated that Perry should have been protecting the nation from the invasion at our southern border and protecting Americans rather than being a handmaiden to the radical left’s messaging machine.

Mayorkas spoke out about efforts to eradicate domestic terrorism. He also mentioned the creation of a Center for Prevention Programs and Partnerships to assist communities in preventing radicalization and the designation of domestic violent extremism as a national priority for FEMA grant programs. Mayorkas also mentioned the creation of a domestic terrorism branch in the Department’s Office of Intelligence & Analysis, which “has been disseminating a unprecedented level of intelligence and information” to the state and local partners to combat threats.

Mayorkas stated that “We remain vigilant to all forms of terrorism, and targeted violence.” Mayorkas stated that while the nature of these threats has changed, our resolve and vigilance have not.

Mayorkas’s assessment of domestic violent extremism as the most serious terrorist threat to the country is not unique. The same message was shared by other high-ranking members of the Biden administration as well as congressional Democrats.

Before Congress, Attorney General Merrick Garland, and FBI Director Christopher Wray, testified that domestic violent extremists groups, including White supremacists pose a growing threat.

“The threat to lethality has never been greater… According to Reuters, Garland stated that he had not witnessed a more serious threat to democracy than the invading of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

Wray stated that the FBI “sold” resources in September 2021 to manage a growing caseload. This has increased from approximately 1,000 investigations in spring 2020 to around 2,700 investigations.

In congressional testimony, Wray stated that the U.S. faces the greatest terrorist threat from lone individuals. He said that this includes ISIS-embedded jihadists from home, as well domestically violent extremists who are “radicalized with personal grievances ranging racial, ethnic, anti-authority sentiments to conspiracy theories”

Wray called the attack on Capitol Hill Jan. 6 as “domestic terrorist”

Mayorkas did not mention this in his reply to Steube on Thursday. However, the Homeland Security leader previously referred to the “repeated and persistant bomb threats” against Historically Black Colleges and Universities as cause for concern. Mayorkas also stated that White supremacists are the most significant threat when he spoke earlier this month about domestic violent extremism.

According to the White House, bomb threats have been received by more than a third of the nation’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Although no explosives were found on campus, the disruptions caused by the threats and fears generated by them prompted the Biden Administration in March to announce new funding for HBCUs. The funding will range from $50,000 to $150,000 per school.

According to Inside Higher Ed, the FBI has been investigating at least 59 threats against HBCUs (including Howard University) since the start of the year. According to the FBI, these threats are classified as hate crimes and racially motivated violent extremeism.

The FBI stated in February that “This investigation is of highest priority for Bureau.”

Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, agrees to Mayorkas’ assessment that domestic violent extremism is the most serious terrorist threat to the country. His committee held hearings to examine the domestic terrorist threat, including those against Black colleges and churches.

Thompson’s office cites the DNI 2022 official threat assessment report, which stated that lone wolves as well as small terrorist cells motivated primarily by ideologies “probably pose the greatest terrorist threat the United States.” This includes racial/ethnic violent extreme extremism and militia terror.

Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.), House Judiciary Committee Chair, has a similar concern. On Thursday, he opened the Mayorkas hearing and raised the alarm about domestic terrorism.

Thursday’s statement by Nadler stated that America faces many challenges. Nadler said that the threat posed by White supremacists and violent far-right extremists is one of the most serious threats to the homeland.

Nadler stated that 2020 saw the most domestic terror plots and incidents in 30 years. 66% of these were committed by White supremacists, extremist militia men and other violent far-right extremists.

August Pfluger (Texas GOP Rep.), a former Air Force fighter-pilot and former national security advisor to President Trump, stated that the American people don’t believe the Biden administrations threat assessment.

Pfluger said that “His testimony before Congress was absolutely shameful.” Fox News Digital interviewed Pfluger. He should be sent to the southern border immediately.

Mayorkas was resigned by Pfluger who called for his resignation. He said that the most pressing threats to the country are not from White supremacists but from Russia, China and cyberattacks.