Boston Police Uniforms Stolen Ahead Of Marathon


A few weeks before the marathon, the FBI joined Massachusetts law-enforcement agencies to investigate the theft by Weymouth of uniforms from Boston Police Department.

Friday marked the 9th anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombing. The attack resulted in three deaths and more than 250 injuries. Ahead of Monday’s 126th Boston Marathon, Boston Police Superintendent-In-Chief Greg Long is urging attendees not to hesitate to report someone acting suspicious, even if they are dressed in a uniform.

The Weymouth Police Department stated earlier this week that they were working with the FBI to investigate the theft of uniforms from the local uniform shop.

According to the department, the uniforms were taken between 3:30 p.m. on the 28th and 9:30 AM the following morning. For information leading to their arrest, authorities offer a $5,000 reward.

Several social media users expressed concern about the possibility that the uniforms were stolen shortly after the announcement was made via Wednesday’s Facebook post.

During a press conference about safety precautions ahead of Marathon Monday, Boston Police Superintendent-in-Chief Long was asked about how a person should respond if they have concerns about someone who they think is “posing as somebody else. ”

It has been long believed that people are able to see the difference between normal and abnormal, as well as what they can do with it. If you see someone in uniform with a vest, and think they might be working, but they act strangely, suspiciously, or out of the norm, dial 911.