Durham Says CIA Found Data Alleging Trump-Russia Connection Not Plausible


John Durham, the Special counsel, stated Friday in a court filing that the CIA had obtained data from Michael Sussmann (a Clinton campaign lawyer) and it was conclusive. This statement was “not technically possible.” ”

Durham replied to Sussmann’s defense objections regarding the admissibility and inadmissibility evidence during Sussmann’s trial. Sussmann claimed that he wasn’t at a client meeting but was actually presenting data to the HIllary campaign.

Durham stated in February that the government would prove that the domain name system, internet traffic from “a particular health provider”, Trump Tower, Donald Trump’s Central Park West apartment buildings, and Executive Office of President of United States were all connected during trial.

Durham claimed the data was accessed “by mining the EOP’s DNS traffic and other information for Donald Trump derogatory data” and that it was used to “an indirect connection” between Trump and Russia.

According to the original indictment, Sussmann stated that he wasn’t doing any work for clients when he was asked. Also, he attended meetings in which he presented “purported information and white papers” that allegedly showed “covert communications channels” between Trump Organization (formerly Alfa Bank ). ) and the Kremlin.

According the indictment, Sussmann was accused of lying at the meeting as well as “falsely stating that the allegations against FBI weren’t being presented for any clients”.

Durham filed Friday’s file stating the government would “produce evidence at trial” to show that the FBI/CIA had concluded that the Russian Bank 1 allegations are false.

“For instance, although the FBI could not come to an overall conclusion about the accuracy of the data or if it might be altered, spoofed or fabricated in any way, Agency 2 determined the Russian Bank 1 and Russian Phone Provider 1 data were not ‘technically plausible’, could withhold technical scrutiny, and contained gaps. Durham stated that the data wasn’t user generated nor machine/tool generated.

Durham stated the Special Counsel’s Office had not reached a final conclusion in this case.

Durham argued materiality wasn’t necessary if evidence regarding the FBI’s and CIA activities taken to investigate these matters “is separate” than whether data were unreliable, or provided a motivator of Sussmann.

The unverified dossier was written by Christopher Steele, an ex British Intelligence Agent. The dossier was authored by Christopher Steele, an ex-British Intelligence Agent.

Durham submitted Friday’s report. It revealed that Steele met with Sussmann at the Perkins Coie Office in summer 2016. He discussed the allegations against Alfa Bank there.

Durham said that the evidence was “highly convincing” because it showed that Sussmann worked in Clinton’s favor.

Durham said that evidence exists that Sussmann met with the FBI on September 19, 2016 to “promote Clinton’s interests with Fusion GPS support.” ”

Durham also pointed to notes from an ex FBI assistant Director that indicated, among others, that the dossier’s writer was “hired by Fusion GPS” to “digup dirt on Trump for an unknown U.S.client.” ”

Durham’s filing indicates that Joffe is “a topic” of the investigation. This was before Sussmann’s arrest in 2021. Durham claims Joffe has been provided this information by his attorney. Joffe is still a subject despite being only one month away.

Durham stated Joffe’s immunity decision had been “entirely rational”, and was in line with Department of Justice practices. Durham stated Joffe would likely face criminal prosecution and possibly guilt if the government investigated and found or confirmed additional crimes.

Durham stated that Sussmann was his only witness who had been “immunized”. The identity of this person is not known.

Durham, however, disclosed in the filing that government “intends” to seek immunity at trials for an individual employed U.S. investigative company Fusion GPS.

Durham stated that, “But unlike Tech Executive 1, this individual is considered to be a witness’ but not’subject’ of the government’s investigation based on current facts. ”

Durham claims that the government will release non-privileged, redacted documents containing communications between Sussmann & Joffe as well billing records that have been redacted to reflect Sussmann’s work “on behalf the Clinton campaign” during the trial.

Durham has been studying the history and progress of the FBI’s original Russia probe (known as Crossfire Hurricane) since 2019. This began in July 2016, when Robert Mueller was appointed Special Counsel. It followed Mueller’s ongoing investigation into Trump campaign collusion with Russians to influence 2016’s presidential election.

Kevin Clinesmith also was charged with making false statements. This office reviewed the Russia investigation.

Clinesmith was charged by the inspector general with altering an email concerning Trump campaign aide Carter Page in order to make it seem that he wasn’t a source. In its third renewal application for 2017, the DOJ used Page’s claim of being a source of CIA intelligence.