Father Blasts CRT & Tells School Board That Parents Are Most Powerful Group In Our Country


North Carolina father, a critic of Critical Race Theory (CRT), declared that parents were reclaiming control at a Cabarrus County school board meeting on Monday. Brian Echevarria stated that the community had realized that the politics around the “distraction mask” had lost steam, and it was now time for citizens to move on.

He continued, “And one thing I wanted to thank for tonight was the resolution. The non-discrimination resolution. The CRT deal.”

It’s happening. I talk to other parents because it’s happening. There are some things we don’t want. I’m bi-racial, I’m bi-lingual, I’m multi-cultural. In America, North Carolina, the truth is that I can do whatever I want, and I am able to teach my children this. The person who says that my little pecan-colored children are somehow oppressed because of the color they have is wrong.

This is true for all parents. The masks revealed that parents are the most powerful people in the country and that they are taking back control of the wheel. We had to take it back for the mask. But we are taking the wheel from Washington all the way to Raleigh and back to our local school board. The parents don’t want CRT or any of that. It’s a huge lie.

CRT can be described as a Marxist philosophy that holds to the idea that all social and cultural problems should be viewed through the lens of race.

“If you believe CRT, I want to tell you that you are a liar. That means that you look at your black neighbor and say they’re oppressed, and you look to your white neighbor, and say they’re evil, regardless how many experiences you have had with them,” Echevarria said, adding that he and others were unwilling to do so.

He said, “The parents of the United States of America right here in North Carolina, Cabarrus County, know that this is not true because they believe the lives they live.”

According to Vote Brian Echevarria, he is running to the NC House of Representatives in order to “secure our future using common sense conservative values” as well as to benefit North Carolina.

Echevarria stated Monday that he was a businessman who has dealt with many people and his children.

“And the racism is happening only at the government level, and in the media. The truth is that you can’t find racists anywhere. They are just stories. This is the reality. He said that the parents were taking over the steering wheel.

He also noted that his daughter, eight years old, is “absolutely energetic” and capable of doing almost anything.

She is a dynamo. She is a dynamo. I don’t want any man to swim against her in the swimming pool. She shouldn’t be playing in soccer against men. He noted that he doesn’t allow his sons to rough her up.

Echevarria’s website explains that parents must not allow political agendas to be taught in classrooms with curriculums like CRT or LGBT education.

The site states that “no government or school board should criminalize concerned parent for demanding their children not to be brainwashed into becoming victims or oppressors of things they haven’t suffered or done.”