Fauci Disclosures Will Trickle Out Over More Than a Year


The head of a government watchdog group says that Dr. Anthony Fauci may not be able to disclose all his financial and professional information over a longer period of time.

OpenTheBooks.com CEO Adam Andrzejewski spoke to Fox News Digital to discuss his legal battles to make Fauci’s professional and financial records public. Andrzejewski stated that Dr. Fauci had handsomely benefited from federal employment, royalties, and travel perks during the pandemic.

OpenTheBooks.com submitted its first Freedom of Information Act request (FOIA), on January 28, 2021. Although the National Institute for Health acknowledged their request, they remained silent for many months. In May, they received 51 pages of information and redactions.

OpenTheBooks.com stated that Dr. Fauci’s current employment contract, including all modifications and addendas; current job description; confidentiality, and conflict-of-interest documents, was not included. Although Fauci’s disclosures can be requested by anyone, they are not listed in the same searchable database that many federal officials. It can take several months to fulfill a request.

Openthebooks.com kept pushing for more documents from the National Institute of Health (and its related agencies) and continued to push for them. Andrzejewski threatened a lawsuit after the government began to dismiss correspondence. The watchdog group eventually teamed up with Judicial Watch, a legal activist group.

Andrzejewski stated that the group filed suit on October 25, 2021, and that “that suit moved quickly in federal court.” He recalled that the agency had admitted to having 1,200 pages, subject to our request. “Think about this: We got 51 pages, there were redactions, and there are 1,200 pages.”

Andrzejewski stated that they had 1,200 pages that were subject to the request as well as 3,000 pages of royalty payments. “Every line is a potential conflict of interest, and up to 1,000 NIH scientists receive royalty payments. Although it’s legal, it should be disclosed.

The FOIA request originally demanded all calendars and entries created electronically by Dr. Anthony Fauci. This included calendars that were maintained on Dr. Fauci’s behalf. Electronically created calendars and entries should contain the names of the invitees, notes, or other attachments. The NIH finally agreed to release the requested documents, but not immediately.

According to the agency, it currently has 768 FOIA requests pending and 633 backlogs. In addition, 33 lawsuits have been filed against the NIH for backing up requests.

The NIH states that it cannot distribute the pages 300, which are thousands, at a time. It does so because of this backup. This staggered release, given the number of documents owed by OpenTheBooks.com, could take around 14 months unless it is sped up.

Kansas Republican Senator Roger Marshall has waged his own battle to open records of the NIH.

Marshall stated that his office and he had tried for weeks to obtain Fauci’s financial and other information, but were unsuccessful. Fauci stated that he had filed a disclosure, and it was public.

Fauci stated, “I don’t know why you’re asking me that question.” “My financial disclosures are public knowledge, and have been for the past 37 years or so, 35 of which I’ve been director.”

Marshall inquired where it could be found. Fauci responded, “All that’s required is to ask.” It’s amazing that you’re so ignorant.
“It takes the NIH months to respond to any type request for information. The White House takes months before it is redacted. They’re playing a very dangerous game. I was shocked and shocked by his answer, which he lied to Congress about a viral gain-of-function question that he had previously lied to me earlier,” Marshall stated, referring specifically to the argument Fauci and Marshall had during the first round of questioning.

Andrzejewski stated that he had never spoken to Marshall before or since, but added that he admires the senator’s work. “He has not reached out to me.”

OpenTheBooks.com gained momentum when they published a January 2021 report that showed Fauci to be the highest-paid federal employee in the country.

Fauci’s salary was listed at $417 608, which is more than the average salary for a president. Fauci also has the most valuable federal retirement plan in American history. According to Open The Books, he can expect to make approximately $350,000 per annum when he retires.

The Center for Public Integrity, in a separate request, requested financial disclosures from Fauci to the NIH in May 2020. However, it did not receive the information until August that year. Even then, much of the data was still redacted.