Former Obama Adviser Pleads Guilty To Stealing $218K From Schools


An ex-Obama administration advisor pleaded guilty to wire fraud and theft of $218K charter school funds. Andrew was a former White House advisor and admitted today to having devised a scheme that would steal money from schools he had helped to build.

Andrew created “School Network-1” in 2005. This was a network of charter schools located in New York. He later served as a senior advisor to the White House Office of Educational Technology. Andrew closed three accounts in Escrow that were required by the charter agreement.

The money was transferred from the closed escrow accounts into a new account. DOJ claims that he falsely claimed that he was a Key Executive with Control Over School Network-1 Charter School in order to open the account. This misrepresentation was then supported by him via email. He also transferred third escrow funds from an account he opened at another bank.

Andrew finally took control of the money that was stolen and transferred it into an account that is worth more than $200,000. Andrew confessed to Judge John P. Cronan that he was deeply sorry for his actions. Andrew has agreed to pay $218K in restitution for Charter School Network. He will be sentenced by Judge Cronan in April 2022.