Former Obama Official Rejects Biden’s Claim That Fox News Reporter’s Question On Putin Was Stupid


After President Biden ignored a Fox News reporter’s question about Russian President Vladimir Putin making the first move in Ukraine, a former member of Obama’s administration responded and called it “stupid.”

Brett Bruen, former Obama Director for Global Engagement, tweeted “It’s not a stupid question.” It’s an important question. We allow Putin to dictate the terms, timeline and trajectory of this crisis. We need to stop reacting and start creating our own conditions.

Jacqui Heinrich, Fox News White House Correspondent, asked the president earlier in the day: “Why aren’t you waiting for Putin to make his first move, sir?”

Biden repeatedly criticized Trump on the campaign trail for his attacks on the press and for waging an “all-out assault” against the media. The president also stated that he had told his staff last year that they would be fired “on the spot” if they “disrespect” one another or “talk down” to them.

Biden caused controversy when he said that Russia would be held responsible if it invaded Ukraine. However, he seemed to add a caveat when saying that it all depends on what Moscow does.

He said, “It’s one-time if it is a minor incursion but we end up having to argue about what to do.”

Some, including Republicans, saw the comment to be giving Russian President Putin permission for invasion. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki clarified the matter after the press conference concluded.

Biden’s comments drew criticism from Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukranian President. He tweeted: “We want to remind great powers that there is no minor incursions or small nations.” As there are few minor casualties, so too is the grief caused by the loss of loved one.

After the U.S. & Russia abandoned security talks without making any progress, the new year began with a damp blanket. Russia didn’t wait long to escalate tensions.

Russia sent more troops to the border Wednesday, and warned the United States against trying to admit Ukraine to NATO.