GOP Eyes Hunter Biden Investigations After Midterms


Rep. Darrell Issa (Republican from California) requests that the White House, Big Tech companies and Big Tech companies preserve any records regarding suppression of Hunter Biden stories in order for Republicans to open an investigation if the majority wins the midterm elections.

Issa said that Big Tech conspired to suppress truth and censor factual journalism, as well as cover for the Biden family. “Now, we must expose the truth and hold all responsible.”

Issa said that Congress must preserve material in order to complete a thorough fact-finding inquiry into the actions of media companies, technology organizations, and political allies in suppressing and preventing public awareness regarding matters involving Biden Familie.

The New York Times confirmed that Hunter Biden’s laptop was genuine last week. The laptop was left by Hunter Biden’s first son in Delaware, before it was handed to the FBI. The newspaper dismissed the story about the laptop during the heights of 2020’s presidential campaign as Russian disinformation. In a September 2021 article, it claimed that the New York Post’s reporting on the matter was “unsubstantiated”. Social media companies suspended the Post’s accounts and blocked users from sharing the story. This was due to policies that prohibited the distribution of hack materials.

Issa claimed the censorship amount to a Watergate-level scandal.