Hillary Clinton Hits Americans As Gullible, Says They Don’t Appreciate Biden Accomplishments


Hillary Clinton, the failed Dem presidential candidate, recently praised President Biden for his legislative accomplishments while saying that ordinary Americans don’t understand or appreciate them.

Clinton complained about the GOP exploiting of social media misinformation and blamed the lack of gatekeepers and people with a historical perspective to help Americans understand what was going on. She also spoke of the massive Dem-backed Social Spending Bill, which passed the House, although it is unlikely that it will pass at the Senate.

She said the problem is that the electorate is vulnerable to disinformation and demagoguery due to the way they get their information.

Clinton’s comments reflect a growing trend among Dems that questions Americans’ perceptions of economic issues that affect their daily lives. Biden seemed to be asking ordinary Americans questions about the supply chain and its impact on the availability of goods or services. At a news conference, he answered questions from reporters.

Biden said that it was a confusing time for Americans. Fox Business host Mike Rowe said that Americans are being gaslighted by the media. He claimed that people were being told high gas prices weren’t happening.