House Democrats Slam Kamala Harris On Border


House Democrat Kamala Harris was criticized by Vice President Kamala Harris for not being interested in the border and not cooperating on it, which is one of her main policy issues.

Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas), a moderate whose congressional district spans nearly 200 miles of U.S. border with Mexico, said to the New York Times that he was disappointed with Harris’ interactions. Harris was given the task by President Biden to address the crisis at the border. Cuellar found out that Harris was visiting the border in June after more than three years since he appointed him to deal with the matter. His staff called her office to offer their advice. Her office did not return the call.

Cuellar stated, “I said this very respectfully to you: I moved on.” “She was given that job and it doesn’t seem like she is very interested in it, so we will move on to other people who work on this matter.”

Cuellar compared Harris to President Biden’s Office, saying in West Wing that “at least they speak to you.”

Harris finally visited the border five months later, in June. She visited El Paso in Texas, hundreds of kilometers from the Rio Grande Valley’s epicenter for the migrant crisis.

Cuellar is a constant irritant to Biden’s side when it comes to immigration. He has called for Biden to listen to Border Patrol agents and not political appointees. As his constituents struggle with the surge at the border, he’s called for her replacement as “border czar”.

Biden selected Harris to address the “root cause” of the 2021 migration surge. However, Harris has privately complained about the difficulty of the assignment to her allies, according to The Times. Harris was harshly criticized for taking so long to reach the border. 2021 saw a record number of border arrests due to the migrant surge. Critics claim that this is partly due to Biden’s loosening immigration policies.

She has mixed messages, telling illegal migrants to “do not enter” and calling herself an advocate for legal and illegal immigrants.

Recent comments by the left-leaning Washington Post editorial staff stated that the increasing death toll at the border was an indictment against the Biden administration.

“In the interim, however, the administration must take a stronger stance at the frontier. The board stated that if the administration fails to do so, more lives will be lost.”