Kamala Harris Delivers Remarks At Left-Wing Donor Summit Focused On CRT


Kamala Harris, Vice President of the United States, was scheduled to make pre-recorded remarks for a virtual summit called Democracy Alliance. This network of liberal megadonors was funded in part by George Soros. According to a source familiar with Harris’ schedule, Harris was scheduled to speak to wealthy donors at the two-day “Saving our Democracy Donor Summit.” Puck News first reported the story.

The summit will include critical race theory as a topic. This comes at a time when the Democratic Party is reeling from last week’s devastating loss in Virginia’s gubernatorial elections.

The Democracy Alliance was founded in 2005. It has made public claims of an “unprecedented rightwing assault on democracy” and requires members to donate at least $100,000 for certain liberal groups. Harris will follow in the footsteps of President Biden, who addressed the group in 2011 when he was vice-president.

Harris’ comments come as Harris makes her first European trip in her role as vice president. She will meet with French President Emmanuel Macron during the Biden administration’s attempt to heal a rift that was created by France being exempted from the U.S.-Australia agreement on nuclear-powered submarines.

According to a report, Harris will also be in Paris to address the plights of migrants and refugees. However, her talks will not focus on the U.S.-Mexico frontier.