MSNBC Guest Says Ukraine Fault Lies In The Trump Administration


According to Anne Applebaum, The Atlantic’s Anne Applebaum, “Much” of the Russia-Ukraine conflict is Trump’s fault.
Applebaum and host Mika Brzezinski spoke to MSNBC’s Morning Joe about the United States’ role and the impact of increasing tensions between Russia, Ukraine and how they feel the former president’s foreign policies are responsible.

She stated that she believed it was important to recall, going back to what we discussed earlier, that Putin had made numerous efforts to end western military support for Ukraine during the Trump Administration.

She said that Trump refused to provide military aid to Ukraine in the first impeachment. He believed he could get some dirt from Joe Biden. So why didn’t Putin do it during the Trump Administration?” He believed Trump was weakening Ukraine on this ground. The problem with Ukraine’s unfortified status dates back many years, and a lot of it is due to the Trump Administration.”

Applebaum stated that she is unable to see how a diplomatic approach can be taken to the Russia-Ukraine crisis despite her criticisms of the former president. Russian President Vladimir Putin said “there isn’t one.”

She said, “Whether there is a military path or no is something that will need to be determined in a few days.”

Other people, such as Douglas Murray, author of “The War on the West”, and Joni Ernst (Iowa Republican Senator), place the blame on President Biden and the Democratic Party.

Murray stated that the Democrats had made all discussion about Russia impossible for four years because of their ridiculous claims about Russian conspiracy in the last election.

Biden was a candidate for the presidency and went on about Russia. Yesterday, I rewatched one of Biden’s campaign videos. He claimed that Putin doesn’t want him in the White House. I’m such an incredibly tough man. It’s what has it done to him? “What’s it got for anyone?”

Ernst attacked Biden’s energy policies, stating that Americans must “push back against Putin.”

Stop Nord Stream 2. Get rid of Russian oil dependence and ramp up American energy. “Let’s take some very concrete actions,” she stated during Wednesday’s Fox and Friends segment.

She said that Putin only understood strength and power, and that this administration had failed.