MSNBC’s Chuck Todd Snaps At Guest Over Criticism Of Hunter Biden Media Coverage


After Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.) claimed that the media would have treated Hunter Biden’s laptop story differently if Cramer was one of President Donald Trump’s children, a heated exchange ensued between Chuck Todd, MSNBC’s Chuck Todd, and Cramer.

Todd confronted Cramer on Thursday about recent remarks he made concerning Trump’s request for Russian President Vladimir Putin information regarding Hunter Biden.

“I don’t know if the man has any dirt on Biden. He should disclose it if he has. However, he is a war crime so I don’t think he’s sitting around right now thinking of ways he could [reveal information].” Cramer stated earlier this week.

Cramer replied that he was being “sarcastic”, and said that he found the question “interesting” given the media’s obsession about “Russia collusion.”

Cramer stated, “We were going believe everything that was coming from Russia a few years back when it was about Donald Trump.”

Todd asked Cramer again a few minutes later. He was asked if he still believed the statements of the former president about Hunter Biden, Putin. Cramer replied that he did not.

Cramer said, “Here’s reality.” “If Hunter Biden were Donald Trump Jr. or Eric Trump, you would treat the war in Ukraine as–

Todd wriggled his hand and said, “Don’t whatabout…Enough of this.” “That is the most lazy attack. It’s not about the media. It doesn’t really matter what media you use.”

Cramer continued speaking over Cramer, “It’s also truthful.”

Cramer said that Trump’s comments were “nothing in comparison” to the way Biden was handling the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Cramer said that Trump’s words were not wise, given that Putin is not credible.

“Once more Donald Trump lured you all, and you all took his bait. Cramer stated that we are now having a discussion on the Bidens.

Todd replied that he would not debate Trump’s media coverage, but that Trump was, whether he likes it or not.