NBC’s Chuck Todd Says Biden No Longer Seen As Competent And Effective


NBC reporter Chuck Todd stated recently that President Biden is having problems with the American electorate following a poll by NBC showing dismal approval ratings at the beginning of the midterm election year.

Todd stated that Biden’s 43% approval rating was a sign that he has “lost his identity” as voters no longer regard him as competent or efficient in the “Meet the Press” segment. This could spell trouble in November for Democrats.

“President Biden’s Wednesday news conference was meant to kickoff a two-year reset of the presidency, capture his personal identity, if necessary, but our new NBC News poll suggests that Mr. Biden requires a reset because he has lost his identity a bit,” Todd said, specifically referring to Biden’s Wednesday press conference which was highly criticized and lasted nearly two hours.

“He is not perceived as competent or efficient, not as a commander in chief, nor as an easy-going, likable president. This is the lowest percentage and most likely to be found in our survey.

Todd introduced NBC’s new measurement tool, which was created to predict the outcome in the midterms. Two of the three major indicators on the meter predict a Democratic “shellack span>

He noted that historically, low approval ratings like those of Biden have led to major defeats for the party under control. Only the third NBC poll to show that so many Americans believe the country is heading in the wrong direction was the nation’s “wrong numbers”.

Todd stated that only one percent of voters prefer Democrats to control Congress. He claimed however that Democrats would need to increase their support by four to five to make up for Republican redistricting.