Nikole Hannah-Jones Goes Off On Tipping As Legacy of Slavery, Deletes Tweet


Nikole Hannah Jones, a New York Times Magazine reporter who founded the 1619 Project, declared Monday that tipping is a legacy from slavery and that it is used almost nowhere else in the world.

Tipping is an inherited trait of slavery. If it’s not mandatory, it shouldn’t be tipped but added to the bill. Ever wonder why tipping is so common in America and not elsewhere? The left-wing writer took to Twitter in response to Toure Neblett, a former MSNBC host, criticizing tipping.

Neblett responded to Hannah-Jones’ claim by declaring “America is a slaveryocracy, Part 1619”, a reference to 1619 Project.

Hannah-Jones, despite having deleted her original tweet and continued to argue that slavery was involved in tipping in response to other Twitter users.

Phil Magness, a historian, took a screenshot from the original tweet and wrote, “Wait! What?” Hannah-Jones claim about tipping and slavery was apparently misunderstood.

He said that tipping is common in the world and started long before slavery in America. Following up, he provided a Good Housekeeping chart to guide travelers about tipping in different countries, including in restaurants and taxis. It included all continents.

Magness then cited Magness’s mention of the tipping scene in Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” (1602), as well as in a 1730s European travel guide.

Hannah-Jones attacked Magness and accused him of being obsessed with Magness. Magness blocked her on Twitter but she said he could not “discredit” Magness, linking to analysis and opinion articles from liberal outlets to support her claim that tipping was a result of slavery.

She wrote, “I know that your obsession with Twitter is unrelenting since it’s the only thing anyone pays attention to. But come on,”

She said, “You cannot discredit me. You’re not converting anybody or revealing any by going behind mine to stalk my Twitter to find tweets you want to invite scorn.” “This is about you trying to get attention that you otherwise wouldn’t get, and fill some bitter hole in your heart. Sad. So sad.

Hannah-Jones is not afraid to stir controversy over historical facts. She falsely claimed earlier this year that the American Civil War started in 1865, which was the actual year, and that Europe wasn’t a continent.