NPR Reporter Blasts Own Newsroom Over Hunter Biden Laptop


On Thursday, an NPR reporter called her out for saying that the Hunter Biden laptop wasn’t a true story. She said that the laptop was “not a real story” and that it has been a story since its inception.

Laura Sullivan, NPR’s investigative correspondent, tweeted that she had added @NPR to the “list” of media outlets who should repent for dismissing the story. “Newsroom editors labeled it ‘not real story’. The Hunter Biden laptop investigation could end up being a tax matter, a hill full of beans, or another type of media. She said that it has always been a story.

Glenn Greenwald tweeted Sullivan on April 6, which read:

“Twitter founder Jack Dorsey apologised and acknowledged that it was wrong for Twitter censoring any mention of the story. The Washington Post called this week for media’reckonings’ over the actions they took. They all allowed their lies to stand beyond those 2.

Sullivan has been with NPR for 18 year and NPR boasts that she is one their most decorated journalists.

The reporter expressed her dissatisfaction with NPR’s reporting on the story.

NPR was one of the news media organizations that ignored Hunter’s story in October 2020.

NPR’s public editor Terence Samuel said that at the time, NPR didn’t want any stories that were not stories and that they didn’t want listeners and readers to be distracted by stories.

Sullivan posted the following tweet on October 23, 2020 in response to the public editor’s message on Twitter: “Really love when managers make our jobs more difficult. It’s not clear if it’s #HunterBiden or what it contains, but it’s definitely not a waste of time to find out. Managers at @NPR should hope that the laptop was made from an old Russian blender in Ukraine.

NPR was also criticised for falsely claiming that it had been “discredited” by U.S intelligence and independent investigations by news agencies in March 2021.

After dismissing the story as Russian disinformation during the height of 2020, The Washington Post and The New York Times confirmed that Biden had access to his laptop and emails.