NYC Mayor Eric Adams Blasted For Embarrassing Extension Of De Blasio COVID Orders On Day One


New York City residents hoped that Eric Adams, the new mayor of New York City would usher in a new era without Bill de Blasio. However, they were disappointed when the new leader announced that day-one executive orders continued to reinforce the restrictive coronavirus policies of the former mayor.

Two signed orders were released by Adams on Saturday. They will maintain the state of emergency regulations in effect under the previous administration, including the mandated vaccination of private-sector workers and extended proof of vaccination.

Critics attacked the mayor on Twitter, calling him “de Blasio 2.0”, while venting their dismay at the lack of change and the building that he built on an unpopular legacy. New York College Republicans tweeted Adams was an “enemy among the people.”

Phil Kerpen, president of the Committee to Unleash Prosperity, called the mayor’s first act “embarrassing extension to manifest failure.”

Adams appeared on ABC’s “This Week”, Sunday, and discussed the possibility of mandating vaccinations to city workers. This is dependent on COVID-19 numbers. He said, “That’s our next step and decision.” “We will examine the numbers. If it becomes necessary to make that mandatory, then we will. We encourage them to start now.”

The mayor sent a message to the unvaccinated, urging them to stop spending $11 trillion more on COVID relief. “We need to figure out how we adapt.” He asked. “And I say it to those who have not been vaccinated. It is time to get vaccinated.

Adams mentioned that he intends to keep New York City open as long as it does so in a “smart” manner. He stated, “If we shut down our city it is as dangerous COVID.” That’s where our focus should be. We can achieve the proper balance between safety and keeping our economy running by ensuring that we get through.