NYC Mayor Targets Drill Rap Videos On Social Media, Saying They Promote Gun Violence


Eric Adams, New York City’s Mayor, has announced that he will meet with musicians and rappers in the city to convince them to stop glorifying gun violence.

Adams was elected to replace Bill de Blasio last year. He stated that he wants to stop the rise of “drillrap”, a genre that focuses on violence and feuds between artists. Adams would like to see this genre removed from social media platforms in order to protect young users.

Adams stated Friday that Trump was removed from Twitter due to his inflammatory statements. “Yet, we allow music, displaying guns, and violence. It will be allowed to remain on these sites.

Adams stated that he was informed of the problem by Jay-Z’s son.

Adams stated that he didn’t know what drill rapping was but called his son and got some videos. It is alarming. We are going to gather the social media companies together and tell them, “You have a civic responsibility and corporate responsibility.”

Adams plans to address the issue directly with social media companies, which he blames for allowing violence on their websites. Mayor Adams stated that he would like to see all of the violent content removed from these sites.

“We will bring them in, and we will show what’s being displayed. It alarms us. Adams said that we are concerned by the over-proliferation of violence in our communities through social media.”

In the weeks before Adams’s election, Adams issued a warning. Adams addressed those who expected to see riots and looting continue in the nation’s largest city. He was clear: they will not.

According to the New York Post, Adams, a former captain of the police, stated that “Not my town” at an event organized by the Police Athletic League at Harvard Club.

“We are not going to give in to those who say ‘We’re going down to New York.’