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Texas’s first primary election in the country saw an increase in voter turnout Tuesday night. This was in response to the passing of Senate Bill 1 by the Lone Star State last year, the same common-sense electoral integrity legislation that Democrats opposed, claiming “voter suppression”.

The Tuesday night primary election in the Lone Star State, which was held on Tuesday night, was a smooth success. There were no reports from polling stations that there had been any issues.

In addition to very few issues reported by polling stations, the primary election turnout was over 300,000. It rose from 2.56 million votes in 2018 and 2.93 million votes in 2022.

After Democrats claimed the new law would make voting more difficult last year, this is what happened. Breitbart News reported that some Texas Democrats fled Texas in protest against the law’s legislative vote. This was to ensure that the GOP did not have the necessary quorum to vote. The Democrats eventually returned to Texas and passed the bill.

Democrats, such as Robert Francis O’Rourke (Democratic gubernatorial nominee in Texas) and Stacey Abrams (failed 2020 Georgia gubernatorial candidates), claimed that election integrity laws across the country would suppress voters. Instead, the number was increasing.

The law passed with strengthened voter ID requirements. It also extended early voting to the weekends and required increased bipartisan observation. Breitbart News was the only source to learn that the Republican National Committee (RNC), revealed to Breitbart News exclusively that they had spent months investing in electoral integrity across the state before Tuesday.

Breitbart News was told by the RNC that the committee had hired numerous in-state elections integrity directors and counsels and recruited thousands of volunteers to help with poll-watching and transparency across Texas, according to the RNC’s election program.

Over 260 poll watchers were recruited by the committee to be present at more than 240 polling sites on election day. This will cover 100% of the over-480 target poll watching shifts. Nearly 200 poll watchers were also recruited at 125 polling sites throughout the early voting process to cover 100 percent of the target early voting poll watching shifts.

The committee also acquired more than 1,500 poll workers in 810 polling sites on election day to cover 100 percent of the 1,600 working shifts. In addition, there were over 920 poll workers at 90 locations during the early voting process. This ensured that the committee covered 100 percent of the target early-voting shifts.

The RNC will have 12 volunteers Texas attorneys and a dozen staffers on the ground between the RNC & Republican Party of Texas.

After the Democrats claimed it would lead to voter impression, there was a higher turnout. Ronna McDaniel, the RNC Chairperson, questioned the Democrats and said: “How many times will Democrats tell the same lie?”

The chairwoman said that states like Texas and Georgia have smarter election integrity legislation which results in higher turnout and less issues at the polls. It’s not worth listening to Democrats or their corporate media allies who exaggerate about voter suppression. Republicans are hard at work improving our elections.