Psaki Maintains Biden Was Not Involved With Hunter’s Business Dealings


Jen Psaki continues to deny reporters’ inquiries about whether President Biden was involved with Hunter Biden’s business dealings while he was vice president.

Jacqui Heinrich (Fox News White House correspondent) asked Psaki Wednesday whether he had ever spoken with Hunter’s business partners. Psaki responded, “Again.” Nothing has changed from yesterday. “The president is not involved with his son’s business dealings.

“Even through his son’s business partners?” ” Heinrich asked.

Psaki responded, “He’s not involved in the son’s business dealings. ”

The New York Post reported Eric Schwerin as Hunter Biden’s business associate and met Joe Biden while Biden was Vice President under former President Barack Obama.

According to an archived visitor log of the Obama White House, Schwerin visited 27 different places. The meeting with Joe Biden was one such visit Schwerin made. He also met with several aides to Vice-President Joe Biden.

Schwerin was the president and chief executive officer of Rosemont Seneca Partners, a now-dissolved investment fund. According the 2016 White House visitor logs The two visits were in room 272 on February 29th, and in room 276 on August 17, at the Old Executive Office Building.

Ricchetti served as a long-standing advisor to President Biden and was his chief staff officer between 2013 and 2017. He is now Biden’s White House counsel.

Schwerin also met Anne Marie Person who was Rosemont’s general assistant up until 2014. Schwerin also met Anne Marie Person, Rosemont’s general assistant until 2014. She joined Biden’s office in June 2016. Fox News Digital reviewed Schwerin’s visits to Person between February 2016-June 2016.

Heinrich asked Psaki Tuesday whether the president still believed Hunter Biden hadn’t spoken to him about business. Psaki replied that he “maintens the same statements he made in past” and said that she did not have more information about visits from more than ten years ago.

Schwerin has been connected to many Hunter Biden international business dealings.

Schwerin also visited Vice President Biden’s staff three times in 2016. Schwerin also saw John McGrail on June 28th. Schwerin also met Kaitlyn Demers who was an associate counsel in Biden’s office in 2016. She currently works as an assistant special to Chief of Staff Ron Klain.