Ted Cruz Rides In US Truckers People’s Convoy


Sen. Ted Cruz attended the “People’s Convoy”, a U.S. extension to the Canadian “Freedom Convoy”, to show support and to join the protest. Cruz, R-Texas shared photos and video on social media of him riding shotgun in his tractor-trailer, waving to other protesters. He thanked all those who came and thanked them for “standing up” to freedom.

“Thank you truckers who stand up for freedom for all Americans!” He wrote.

In a post he thanked them again, writing: “Thank you to the People’s Convoy” for standing up for freedom! People shouldn’t be forced to make their own decisions about their health care by petty government tyrants.

Cruz and Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) met Tuesday with members of the People’s Convoy to protest the COVID-19 mandates, as well as other issues related to the pandemic.

Representatives from all over the country of the trucker convoy say they won’t leave and will continue to loop Beltway until lawmakers hear their stories.

Cruz had previously criticized the Biden administration’s “war on oil,” and stated that they would rather “fund terrorism” than American energy independence.

Fox News Digital’s Cruz said Tuesday that President Biden and the administration of his father have “created an energy crisis that we are facing with their war against energy.”

Cruz stated, “They could solve the problem themselves, and I recently introduced legislation to restore American energy independence.” They want to buy oil from countries like Venezuela and Iran, instead of taking these options.