Trudeau Slams Freedom Convoy For Hateful Rhetoric, Prefers To Support BLM Protesters


Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister, criticized the Freedom Convoy trucking protest against a vaccination mandate as “hateful rhetoric” while he spoke fondly about the Black Lives Matter protests.

“I have been to protests and rallies before. Trudeau spoke Monday at a virtual news conference. Trudeau stated that he had agreed with the goals and supported people who expressed their concerns. Black Lives Matter is an example of this.

According to local news reports, the protests were peaceful and scenes from Ottawa are visible on video.

However, Ottawa police said that they are investigating criminal charges against protesters who allegedly urinated at the National War Memorial and danced on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. They also used the statue of Terry Fox, a Canadian athlete, to display a sign saying, “Mandate Freedom.”

Trudeau commented that “Nazi symbolism and racist imagery, as well as desecration war memorials,” are “insults to memory and truth.”

Trudeau criticized the convoy for being made up of “small fringe” people with “unacceptable views”.

He said that “what we are hearing from some people involved with this convoy was completely unacceptable.”

Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, mocked him on Twitter for his comments following the protest that saw thousands take to the streets.

Musk tweeted Sunday afternoon, “It would seem that the so-called fringe minority” is actually the government.”

Musk said, “If the government had a mandate from the people, there would have been a significant counter-protest. Musk responded in a tweet that followed up.

Sources told the CBC that Trudeau and his family were relocated to a secret location in the capital because of alleged security threats. On Monday, Trudeau announced that he had tested positive for coronavirus. However, he was feeling fine and will continue to work remotely this week.