Trump Celebrates Sleazebag Jeff Zucker Leaving CNN


Trump’s former President celebrated the news that CNN President Jeff Zucker had resigned due to an inappropriate relationship with a subordinate.

Trump stated that Jeff Zucker, a world-class sleazebag, who had headed ratings and real news-challenged CNN for far too long, was being terminated for many reasons. But, the most important reason is that CNN has lost its way among viewers and everyone else. Fake News can now be put on the back burner.

Trump was a fierce opponent of CNN during his presidential campaign. He called it “fake news”, as the network promoted a number of hoaxes, including the Russia collusion.

Trump’s “scandals” were promoted by CNN, including the Stormy Daniels affair. She also promoted Michael Avenatti, her former lawyer. Avenatti was later convicted for attempted extortion and was recently compared to Daniels in another case.
CNN’s ratings dropped under Zucker while it aggressively pursued de-platforming rival media outlets.