VP’s Public Appearances Marked By Awkward Moments, Controversies


Vice President Kamala Harris has been cited as the obvious choice by Dems if President Biden does not seek reelection. So far, VP Harris has been marred by numerous gaffes, awkward moments, and falling poll ratings. Biden has stated his intention to run for a second term in 2024, but some Dem strategists remain skeptical. This is due to his declining popularity and age.

CNN recently published a lengthy piece that described the mutual frustration between Harris’s and Biden’s offices, adding how former aides feel left out as she attempted thankless tasks with no White House coverage. Harris’ public appearances have been marred by mistakes and awkward moments.

On one occasion, the announcer for Biden’s infrastructure signing ceremony seemed to skip Harris’ turn and introduce Heather Kurtenbach, a union activist. Kurtenbach waited awkwardly at his podium. Harris, who is also the vice president, has been a subject of controversy in front of the cameras. Harris was ridiculed earlier this month for imitating a French accent when she spoke to scientists in a Parisian lab tour.

Harris was featured in an October space-themed video in a YouTube series called “Get Curious With Vice President Harris”. It was heavily criticized for Harris’ animated performance and the fact that child actors were used. Harris was criticized for her behavior in September when she listened to a student accuse Israel of ethnic genocide. Harris replied by saying that the student’s truth should not be suppressed.

Harris had even compared the behavior of horseback corralling Haitian migrants from the U.S. border to the history of slavery and Indigenous Americans’ days. Harris was also criticized for her September trip to California for Gavin Newsom, who was facing a recall election.

Harris was also criticized for her argument against voter ID laws, claiming that rural Americans couldn’t get photocopies due to no Kinkos or OfficeMax stores nearby. She even refused to answer a question from Lester Holt of NBC News about why she hadn’t visited the southern border. She has been criticized by GOP members as well as Dems.

Harris told Holt that she had not been to Europe either and said it doesn’t mean she didn’t get the point you’re trying to make. She said she’s not trying to discount the importance of the border. She was criticized for not making a trip across the border to the U.S. Mexico border within 100 days and raised eyebrows when she finally made a trip to Guatemala. She said she wanted to address the root causes rather than the actual border.

She finally made it to El Paso Texas in June to visit the border, which some critics called a photo-op. She previously laughed off questions about whether or not she would make another trip.

Harris was criticized for failing to address the numerous sexual harassment claims against Andrew Cuomo despite being a strong supporter of #MeToo. Biden called for Cuomo’s resignation, but Harris did not speak out.

Harris was soon in trouble for her support of the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which was after a man was allegedly bailed out twice previously by the fund. Harris was again arrested within days of taking office. Harris was also charged with murder after a man was released from jail for domestic assault charges.