5 Reasons Why Kamala Harris’ Presidential Dreams Probably Won’t Come True


A staggering 61% of voters do not want Joe Biden running for president again. Harris will be left wondering what will happen to her, given that Biden is not likely to be the Democratic Party nominee in 2024. It is highly unlikely that Harris will ever be the Democratic Party’s nominee for 2024.

These are five reasons.

5. America and Kamala will continue to be hurt by bad policy decisions over the next three years. After just ten months, President Biden’s approval ratings are among the lowest of any president. These include a poll that has 37.8% of Americans approving and a shockingly high 59% disapproval rating.

There are many reasons for low ratings. These include the worsening economy, disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan in August, and out-of-control border crisis. COVID policy dissatisfaction, the out-of-control federal government mandates policies, as well as the heavy hand of an out-of-control federal government.

Harris’ problem is that these policies are not ending. While Afghanistan may be disappearing from public view, the economic crisis will not.

Instead of addressing inflation, which is out of control, Democrats push another spending bill (which Harris supports), that will only make matters worse. Instead of fixing our supply chain problems, the Biden administration’s harmful green energy regulations, COVID mandates, and other measures are making matters worse.

Overall, Democrats are moving more to the left than voters would like, despite recent losses in Virginia and elsewhere. As I’ve written on this page, Joe Biden won’t see a significant increase in his approval ratings because he lacks the charisma and dynamism to rally America behind him. He is worse than ever, no matter how much he talks.

Even if the GOP wins both the House and Senate in 2022, it is possible that there could be a rout. However, gridlock will continue for the next two years and not the adoption of any policies that will benefit the economy. As we saw during President Obama’s last years, the White House occupant will rule by executive order.

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All of this bodes poorly for Harris’ presidential ambitions.

4. Kamala Harris’ rough start. Harris’ approval ratings at the moment are 28%, which is far less than that of the previous vice president at this point in his term. Harris’ ratings are well below the ratings of the three other vice presidents.

Biden’s low ratings are partly to blame. We also live in a divided era where parties don’t support each other in most cases.

Harris’ international performance has also been uneven. This led to headlines like this from ABC9 in Iowa, also from last June: “Vice president Harris faces criticisms from all sides during his first overseas trip.”

Harris was criticized for refusing to visit the border even though she was named czar of our crisis border. Harris is not interested in serving as our border czar, as some have pointed out.

She didn’t win any friends with her statement that the U.S. must not shy away from the shameful past of Columbus Day.

Harris is not being a great help to herself. This has created a crisis of likability for Harris.

3. Do not expect Harris’ fortunes to change. Remember that Harris did not enter the Iowa Caucus for 2020 due to her ineligibility among Democrats, and most importantly, not among California Democrats. Before she abandoned her presidential ambitions, her polling showed that Harris fell to fourth and fifth in California’s primary.

Why was she so unpopular in California at the time? She was seen as ambitious rather than caring.

Harris didn’t cultivate California voters, which was part of the reason. Harris was given the nomination to be senator and attorney general, and she didn’t have to work hard to win over California voters.

Her time as California’s Attorney General was marred by prosecutorial overreach controversy and her refusal to take positions on key issues. This is similar to her absenteeism at the border. When she ran for president, she abandoned the “tough-on-crime” mantra that she had claimed to have used as attorney general. This only exacerbated her authenticity problem.

Harris is just a little bit out of control. Harris is also learning that it is not easy to learn in the digital age. Harris will have to deal with the Biden administration’s poor record and the most unpopular immigration policy.

2. Kamala Harris’ Shrinking Base. Political leaders come and go, but those who have a loyal following are more likely to succeed. Harris’ base, which was very small a year ago has actually declined as of this writing. Harris’ national approval rating of 28% is lower than the average, even if you don’t include California voters. This indicates that her base is shrinking. This is not good news for a presidential candidate, especially when the state Democrats consider a given, i.e. California, is her little base. California.

This brings us to Harris’ final reason not to be the Democrat nominee for president in 2024.

1. The Democrats’ Unconditional Desire to Win. Democrats will be more determined to hold the White House in 2024 than ever, especially if they lose both the House and Senate in 2022. Even if Harris is elected president, a severely weakened Harris won’t be able to pay the bill. Some believe that Harris was saddled with the border crisis, and her visibility is low right now because of it.

Instead of losing in 2024 Democrats will choose to move on to a nominee later, rather than risk their fortunes with Kamala.