Activists March Through DC Demanding Biden Declare A Climate Emergency


Friday afternoon, youth activists marched through Washington demanding that President Biden declare a Climate Emergency. Alex, a protester, said that “our politicians, including Democrats,” don’t seem to care about climate changes. “They only pretend to care if it’s helpful for them winning elections.”

Climate activists marched to the Capitol building from a crowd that had gathered in front of the White House. According to the Action Network’s event page, the protest was part of a global climate strike that demanded Biden “end all fossil-fuel projects,” “ensure a just transition to renewable energies,” and “declare climate emergency.”

“If President Biden’s party doesn’t fight for us why should we try to re-elect them?” The strike’s pamphlet stated this.

Fox News’s environmental health student said that Biden should “ban fossil fuels” and “rely on American sustainable energies.” This is our world. It’s time to act now, before it’s too late.

Many activists felt that they were not being heard.

Fox News was told by an activist that politicians should listen to younger generations. “This planet is where we must live for the rest of our lives. We want them to have long lives.”

One woman stated that it was time for Biden “declare climate emergency” to move America toward renewable energy.

Another activist stated that Biden must do everything possible to secure the Green New Deal.