Biden Says Thousands Of People A Day Crossing US Border As Officials Brace For New Migrant Surge


President Biden told the Polish president that the U.S. has been attempting to cross the U.S. Southern border with “thousands” of people per day. Officials are anticipating a huge migrant surge over the coming months and already see signs of an increase in numbers.

Biden met with Polish leaders, including President Andrzej Dzuka, to discuss the “significant responsibility” of having so many Ukrainians seek refuge in Poland as they flee Russia’s invasion.

Then, he said that the U.S. should do its part by opening our borders to 100,000 Ukrainian refugees. This was announced by White House on Thursday.

Biden’s claim that Border Patrol officers are dealing with thousands of migrants per day is an uncommon recognition of the large number of migrants that Border Patrol has had to deal with in the past year.

In February 2022 there were 164,973 encounters, compared with 101,099 in February 2021. This month came before a huge increase in spring and summer migrations. The Washington Post reported this week, that preliminary Customs and Border Protection data (CBP), indicates that authorities will have encountered more than 200k people in March, as opposed to 173,277 in the March 2021.

Mark Morgan, the acting chief of CBP under the Trump administration was furious at Biden’s comments. Morgan claimed that Biden had failed to address the situation at the border while he was in office.

Morgan said that he was “infuriated” and spoke out on Fox News Digital. After 14 months of denial that there was a crisis at our southern border, the President of the United States had to fly halfway around the globe to see that another country is experiencing a crisis and finally admit to our own crisis at our southern border. It was frustrating to me.”

Morgan stated that Ukraine has legitimate refugees fleeing an invading army-sponsored invasion. Morgan said that they are being literally bombed and killed and that he is comparing it to our southern border. It is clear that he is completely out of touch.

These already high numbers and the possibility of the Title 42 public order ending next week are raising concerns about the administration of an overwhelming migration surge that could surpass last year’s.

Many migrants at the border were expelled by the Trump and Biden administrations using Title 42.

The Post reported that emails from the internal administration show concern about a “massmigration event”. This comes after Axios reported recently that DHS has set up a “war room” in order to handle the influx. Photographs have surfaced showing migrants being released from Texas’s overcrowded facilities.

Morgan stated that the mere fact that Title 42 was being discussed was already leading to an increase in people, since cartels are telling potential migrants now is the best time to cross the border.

Title 42 was used in February to expel over 50% of migrants.

“Before Title 42 ends, they’re already telling them and using that to exploit migrants and that’s driving the number to increase.” Morgan stated that he believes March will reach 200,000, if not more, and that this is just the talk of Title 42 [ending].”

“What is the administration’s answer?” Their answer is not to secure the border, or to stop illegal migration. I’m not exaggerating: They want to release people faster, and they already do it.

Biden’s Friday comments about being disappointed that he could not see the humanitarian crisis in Poland firsthand, despite having yet to visit the U.S. frontier as president, were also mentioned by the former CBP official. Morgan said that Biden didn’t want to hear about the threats to national security and public safety and low morale of Border Patrol agents was to blame.

He doesn’t want to go to the border to witness our country’s crisis. Morgan stated that Morgan will see the side of it he does not want to see and that he won’t acknowledge because it is his creation.