Probe Into Border Patrol Agents Still Ongoing, 6 Months After False Whipping Claims


Six months after initial claims were made the investigation into Border Patrol agents who “whipped” Haitian migrants trying to illegally enter America continues. It was quickly dismissed. This controversy emerged during the September Haitian migrant crisis. As the situation worsened, more than 10,000 migrants had been gathered under the International Bridge. Horseback agents were sent to assist them.

Brandon Judd, President, National Border Patrol Council, said in an interview with Fox News Digital that the situation at Del Rio was a “powder pot” because migrants just learned they would be expelled and not allowed to enter the U.S.

Judd stated agents were sent to the region to stop more people from crossing. Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is responsible for their management. ”

On Sept. 19, which fell on a Sunday, Twitter began to circulate images of agents trying stop migrants from entering the U.S. One example was when one of the agents grabbed a shirt from a migrant. ”

Anyone with basic knowledge can learn that split reins can be used by agents to whip horses. Horses respond quicker to being pushed by other animals, especially when they are nervous around large groups.

Top Democrats spoke out on the subject, including Senator Majority leader Chuck Schumer who condemned “images of inhumane treatment of Haitian migrants by Border Patrol–including whips.” ”

These images were taken by a photographer who claimed that no Border Patrol agents were whipping. Mayorkas, along with Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz, was initially supportive of these agents.

His message changed on Tuesday. His message had changed. He stated that the images had “troubled” his deeply. Then he added that one cannot weaponize a horse to fight against migrants. Kamala Harris, the Vice President of the United States also spoke out. She expressed concern about the treatment of migrants, and said that she wanted to investigate.

Mayorkas announced that horses would be prohibited in Del Rio, and that agents would be placed on desk duty while the investigation into their conduct was completed.

President Biden on Friday added pressure to agents being held hostage by making false claims of whipping. He also previewed the results of his investigation.

Tom Homan – The Biden administration will sue immigrants over ‘whipping’ allegations.

He stated that he had promised him that the responsible parties would be held accountable. An investigation is currently underway. There will be consequences.

Six months later, the investigation continues. Fox reported that a spokesperson from DHS said that they would share the results of the investigation once it’s completed. They will provide updates as needed to protect the integrity of the investigation and privacy of individuals.

A spokesperson said that an update was posted in November. It stated that the matter had been referred to the Office of Inspector General. However, it declined to investigate and instead referred it to Customs and Border Protections Office of Professional Responsibility. These are the steps to be taken.

Judd is however the leader of Border Patrol and is one of many officials who think it’s being dragged from the administration which has been backed into a corner by the matter.

He said that he believed they were trying to drag the matter out and get Americans to forget. They can either go back and say that the agents didn’t do any wrong or they will have to bring some charges against them and try to include them in their policy. ” “This is all we can conclude regarding why this is taking so long. ”

A DHS official shared his assessment with The Washington Examiner in January. He also asked if the government would release the report.

According to the official, “I doubt that the current administration will release a report on the horse patrol accident because this makes the administration look terrible.” “They basically convicted mounted agents on the ground of a lie that would have been exposed by the investigation after 120 days. ”

Judd explained that it was politics that prevented agents from returning to the field.

He stated that agents didn’t whip anyone and did no wrong. They were still performing administrative duties

Border Patrol agents have experienced high levels of migrant traffic in the winter months. As spring approaches, agents are concerned about the potential for a large migrant surge. Judd also warned them that the shadow of Whip controversy and Biden’s response to it will be a problem as they go out into the field to defend America’s borders. It could affect their ability to fulfill their duties over the coming months.