Al Sharpton Goes Off On Limousine Liberals


Al Sharpton, MSNBC’s host, criticized Washington, D.C.’s approach to responding to rising crime in cities. He declared that those who ignore the problem “don’t live in reality.”

The left-wing host of “Morning Joe” claimed that Democrats are losing support from minorities as they don’t know what it is like to live like those who deal with rising inflation, crime, and record high gas prices.

The segment started as a panel discussion featuring Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, Sharpton and other political commentators. They discussed the issues facing Democrats in preparation for the November midterm elections.

The panel acknowledged that the party’s unpopularity in the eyes of voters was a result of its economic management.

Scarborough attacked Washington’s liberal politicians over “a blind spot” regarding where voters are on the political spectrum. He warned that they are repeating past mistakes by pushing far-left policies, when moderater ones won out.

“Let’s say it slowly for my Democratic friends Washington, D.C., Black voters more conservative that you are, White leaders in Washington, D.C. Hispanic votes are more conservative then you are, White leaders in Washington, D.C., Asian voters are more conservatif than you are, they’re less conservative on crime, education, and they’re more conservative about these woke issues,” he stated.

Scarborough used wins by Joe Biden, a “moderate”, in the 2020 Democratic primaries and Eric Adams in 2021 New York City’s mayoral election to prove that progressive Democrats are not as liberal as they think.

Sharpton joined the fray, agreeing with Scarborough, and blaming the gap between liberal elites across the country as well as minority voters who feel the brunt of the problems facing the country.

“They are losing people of colour because they don’t understand the lives of people of color.” If you live in a place that is inundated by crime and you pretend that it’s not an issue, you’ve already lost you. Sharpton stated that this is an issue. Sharpton stated, “You can’t ignore the fact that 12-year-old children who are someone’s niece or neighbor are killed. And you pretend it’s not an issue because you’re too elitist for you to live on this ground.”

“We don’t want to be controlled by right-wing elitist millionaires or left-wing guys who don’t understand our lives on the ground, that is living in fear and that is being caused by inflation that is killing many of us in many areas of the country. He said that we need gas to get to work.

He said, “These limousine liberals in New York’s beltway, these beltway elitists.”