Biden Admin Slammed For Abstaining On U.N Vote That Could Destroy Israel


The Biden administration was recently criticized for not supporting a U.N. resolution affirming Palestinian refugees’ right to return to sovereign Israel. This move was criticized by former President Donald Trump’s envoy, who said it could “destroy” the Jewish state.

Assistance to Palestine Refugees, the U.N. resolution, calls for Palestinian rights to return to Israel and compensation for property they lost in their home escapes is supported by the Relief and Works Agency.

The core issue of conflict is the Palestinian right to return. Israel will not agree to this. It requires Palestinian refugees to return to Israel to claim their ancestral homes. This would end the Jewish state’s demographic potential.

The Trump administration’s voting trend of automatically voting “no” meant that the Trump administration decided to vote against the decision to abstain.

U.S. deputy representative to the United Nations Richard Mills said that language was included in many resolutions to reflect the priorities of strengthening UNRWA. He said that under President Biden the United States announced that it would resume its financial support for UNRWA. He said they believe UNRWA is vitally important to millions of Palestinians in the region.

The Israeli rep called for UNRWA to be “hijacked” by Hamas, adding that they cannot sit idly by while a U.N. humanitarian organization promotes a political agenda underneath the disguise of actual help.

She said that UNRWA must stop spreading antisemitic lies among its employees and demonstrate a commitment to being transparent and accountable.

The UNRWA promotes violence against Israelis, yet the Biden administration has decided to reinstate funding for them. President Biden proves every day that his allegiance is to any country but America.