CBS Report Blasts Failed Climate Summit


CBS News’s recently reported on the “dreadful” climate change summit in Scotland was critical of its failed meeting, which produced few tangible results and hollow agreements. Correspondent Mark Phillips on CBS Mornings shared how they are in the final hours of this conference, but it has not achieved its major goals.

At the United Nations meeting, John Kerry, the United States’ climate envoy, and China reached a joint agreement to increase “ambition” about climate change. The latter stated for the first time that it would seek methane reductions, while Phillips said that there was “not much meat on the bones of” the U.S.-China agreement.

The agreement reached in Glasgow was short on details and noted that no timetable was set for when China, the largest carbon dioxide emitter in the world, would reduce its emissions and eliminate the coal industry.

Phillips stated that apart from the deal, there has been a disappointment. He added that “the hope that delegates would agree on concrete plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and limit global heating to 1.5 degrees Celsius has proven to be false.” According to the latest estimates, the actual cuts would still allow the earth’s temperature to rise to approximately 2.7 degrees with all the heat waves and storms that could accompany it.

He added that the conference also failed to meet another goal: the money promised to the developing countries to compensate them for their inability to use fossil fuels or the severe weather damage they have suffered. They claim that the $100 billion promised to these countries has not been fulfilled. Phillips concluded the report by saying that there was too much carbon dioxide.

Kerry was accused of not paying attention to Chinese human rights violations in his rush to sign a climate agreement.

The agreement between the U.S.A. and China allows them to share technology and policy developments, in order for the U.S. to reduce its emissions in line with the goals of the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement. Kerry was a bit hesitant when asked by a reporter if he had discussed the Chinese forced labor in the development of technologies like solar panels.

U.S. concerns about forced labor have been “articulated” by Chinese officials, but that it is “not my lane.” Kerry articulated how his job is being the climate guy and staying focused on trying to push the climate agenda forward.”

While the Obama administration celebrated the Paris climate agreements and the liberals criticized the Trump administration’s decision to pull out, the analysis revealed that most countries have failed to meet their obligations under the agreement.