Biden CBP Hosts Seminar On Unconscious Bias Amid Border Crisis


U.S. Customs and Border Protection will host a seminar about “unconscious bias” in the midst of the ongoing border crisis. There was a memo from CBP outlining the seminar’s leadership. It was titled “Better Together: Conversation on Unconscious Bias.”

Susan Fleming, the keynote speaker at the seminar, is part of the “Task Force for Women” at the agency. Two of the speakers at the seminar will be Troy Miller, Acting CBP Commissioner, and Reggie Johnson, Patrol Agent in Charge.

Although the seminar appears to be mandatory, it is already drawing negative reactions from employees. CBP’s agent said that the seminar was “more woke bulls —” in a statement to Fox News.

As the southern border continues to crumble under the growing crisis, the seminar is timely. Yuma, Arizona’s border sector has been particularly hard hit. The Senate confirmed Tucson Police Chief Chris Magnus as President Biden’s nominee for CBP leadership earlier this week.

Arizona Attorney General Mike Brnovich discussed the “catastrophe” that has emerged from the border crisis and criticized the Biden administration for choosing Magnus to lead the CBP.

Brnovich stated that “His nomination, and confirmation, shows the total lack of seriousness by the Biden administration to solve this border disaster.”