Biden Jokes About Expanded Fight With Russia


President Biden made a joke about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, saying to union workers that he would go with them if necessary.

Biden made this statement Wednesday during an address to union workers at North American Building Trades Unions’ legislative conference. Biden began his speech by addressing the issue of new sanctions against Russia.

Biden stated that “this fight is far from over.” “Here’s what the point is: While this war could go on for a while, the United States will stand by Ukraine and its people in their struggle for freedom.

“And by and large, if I have to go to war, I will be going with you guys. He added, “I mean it.”

Biden’s announcement comes months after he and other administration officials had stated that the U.S. would not send troops to Ukraine. The U.S. military has restricted its deployments to NATO countries nearby and warned Russian President Vladimir Putin about the possibility of direct war with the U.S. if one of these countries invades.

Biden stated that it is important to avoid direct war with Russia. He argued that any engagement between the U.S. forces and Russian forces would lead to a third world conflict.

Biden tweeted March that “I want it to be crystal clear: We will defend all of NATO’s territory with the full might and galvanized NATO,” “But we won’t fight a war with Russia in Ukraine.”

“A direct confrontation between NATO-Russia is World War III.” He added that it was something we should strive to avoid. In February, General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff told Congress that Kyiv could be overthrown within 72 hours of a Russian invasion. On Tuesday, he made a new prediction, stating that the war would last at least for years.