DCCC Fundraises Off Jen Psaki Reportedly Going To MSNBC


According to recent reports, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is raising funds from news that Jen Psaki, White House press secretary will soon be leaving her position to join MSNBC and its “intrepid” team of journalists.

DCCC works to elect Democrats to Congress. It asked its recipients of the most recent fundraising email obtained by Fox News Digital: “DemocraticHQ needs to know: Will Jen Psaki watch on MSNBC?”

“Jen Psaki IS INCREDIBLE!” The email said so. She worked tirelessly to present President Biden’s HISTORIC Build back Better agenda to the American people. After the Trump Administration’s terrible attacks on the media, she’s worked to restore trust and freedom of the press. Now, she plans to join MSNBC’s brave team of journalists to hold dangerous far-right Republicans responsible.

“We are sad to see Jen leave White House …. We can’t wait to see her next steps. After all she has done to promote President Biden’s HISTORIC agenda we want to know if her grassroots team will continue having her back at MSNBC,” the email continued.

The House Democrats requested money to protect their majority during the next midterms.

Although Psaki has not confirmed her departure from MSNBC, Axios reported last Wednesday that she plans to resign and host her own MSNBC show via Peacock, NBCUniversal’s streaming platform. She will also make guest appearances on other left-leaning cable outlets.

This was in addition to previous reports that CNN, MSNBC and MSNBC were actively seeking her out for jobs after she quit the White House. She has always indicated she would be leaving before Biden’s term ends. Dylan Byers, Puck’s scribe, speculated that she might be the next Rachel Maddow in February. This was refuted by industry leaders who spoke to Fox News Digital at the same time.

Reporters interrogated Psaki Friday after she refused confirmation of the Axios report. This raised questions about the ethics of the whole situation. Psaki will be leaving the White House to join MSNBC.

Psaki has received friendly coverage from MSNBC as well as many mainstream media outlets. Nicolle Wallace (an MSNBC anchor), told Psaki last year that she receives “high marks” from most journalists. Like many MSNBC colleagues, Wallace is a strong supporter of the Democratic Party.

Brian Stelter, CNN’s chief news correspondent, opened an interview last year with Psaki. He asked how CNN and other outlets could better cover the Biden administration and he replied “how refreshing” that it was when she took to the podium in January 2021.

Psaki will be the second Bidenworld public-facing figure to join the MSNBC family after Symone Sanders joined the MSNBC family late last year.

Psaki, like Sanders, was a CNN commentator before returning to politics. Psaki was the White House communications director during Obama’s administration and was also a spokesperson for the State Department.