Canadian Trucker Says They Are Not Giving In Until Mandates Are Gone


Mat Mackenzie, a Canadian trucker, stated on Friday that the freedom convoy will not stop until Canada removes COVID vaccine mandates. Mackenzie stated that they aren’t giving up and that he and Dana Perino have a message for all Canadians to send to the world about freedoms.

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, and other liberal Canadian leaders have condemned the trucking company Freedom Convoy as spreading hateful rhetoric and expressing violence toward fellow citizens. Protesters on the ground claim that this is not true.

Canadian ‘freedom’ protesters say demonstrations ‘peaceful’ Video
The woman said that truckers and their supporters had made an effort to assure us that they will report any violence or hatred to the police. “So, we are all on the same page. We don’t want violence. They weren’t driving all the way to spread hate or violence. They came here to make a peaceful statement about how we want to end mandates and support free choice.

Truckers from Freedom Convoy left Vancouver on Jan. 23 for Ottawa to protest federal vaccine mandates for cross-border truckers. They also called for the end of coronavirus restrictions. Police estimated that between 5,000 and 18,000 people were present in Ottawa on Saturday when the convoy arrived. As of Wednesday, the number of protestors is believed to have dropped to hundreds.

Mackenzie stated that the freedom convoy wants freedom of choice to be restored.

It is specifically about getting rid of the mandates. Many people believe it has to do the trucker mandate for border crossing. It is actually about restoring freedom to all Canadians. It’s the freedom to choose. It is not about restrictions or masks. Let the people decide. It is not a matter of vaccinations, most of us have been vaccinated.

Mackenzie responded to questions about concerns over radical elements in the convoy by saying that they were not concerned.