Rumble Offers Joe Rogan $100 Million Four-Year Deal With Commitment To No Censorship


Rumble, a video-hosting platform, is offering Joe Rogan $100 million to leave Spotify and only appear on the new YouTube competitor. This offer comes as Rogan is facing calls from the cancel culture mob for Rogan to be removed from Spotify due to alleged misinformation about the Chinese coronavirus and his recent use of the N-word in podcast episodes.

We stand by you, your guests, and your legion, who are eager to have real conversations. Rumble released a statement Monday stating that 100 million reasons are available to help make the world a better country.

The video-sharing platform said, “How about you bring all of your shows to Rumble, old and new? There is no censorship. This will cost 100 million dollars over four years.” This is our chance to save the world. This is true.

Spotify has already signed a $100 million deal with the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. However, the deal includes the censorship for certain episodes of Rogan’s podcast.

Since Rogan hosted two guests, Dr. Peter McCullough, and Dr. Robert Malone, on his podcast, Rogan has come under fire. They “have an opinion different from the mainstream narrative” about coronavirus-related problems, he stated.

Neil Young, a left-wing rocker, issued an ultimatum to Spotify after he noticed that Rogan hosted guests with differing opinions on coronavirus topics. He demanded that Spotify remove his music from the platform.

Spotify responded by removing Young’s music. The rocker then called for other musicians to join him in taking down their music. This was in an apparent effort to pressure Spotify into complying with his demands.

Young was able then to recruit a small group of aging rockers to his anti-Spotify crusade. Joni Mitchell, Graham Nash, and Stephen Stills made similar announcements shortly afterward.

However, when the momentum was waning, India Arie, perhaps most well-known for her outrage against Rogan, shared a video compilation that featured Rogan using N-words without context.

The cancel culture mob is now focusing on Rogan’s use of the racial slur in public on his podcast over many years.

Rogan addressed the controversy on Friday by explaining that it was a video made from clips taken out context of 12 years worth of podcast conversations. It looks awful, even to me.

He said, “I know that most people don’t believe that a white person can ever use that word in any context, let alone publicly on a podcast.”

Rogan continued to explain:

It’s something I haven’t used in years. But for a long while, I would say it instead of using the N-word when it came up in conversation. As long as the context was correct, I believed people would understand my actions.

It’s not mine to use. Although I know that now, I have used it that way for many years. It wasn’t racist. But if you find yourself in a situation where it’s necessary to state, “I’m no racist,” then you are a fool. It’s clear that I have.

However, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek said that he would not remove Rogan from Spotify, despite the resurfaced videos in which he used the N-word.

Ek stated that while Rogan’s language is “incredibly hurtful”, he strongly condemns it, but he doesn’t want to go down the slippery slope of canceling voices.

Rogan did not respond to Rumble’s $100 million offer for his podcast on the platform for four years. He also promised to censor nothing.

Rumble competitor Odysee replied to the offer and made its own mocking offer of Rogan of “100 gazillion dollars.”