Chicago Teachers Union President Says Remote Learning Bad Is Just A Talking Point From Mayor


Jesse Sharkey, President of Chicago Teachers Union, recently stated that the opposition to remote learning by the mayor was just a “talking point.’ Sharkey stated that Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s opposition against remote learning was “just a talk point” during the Chicago Teachers Union’s press conference. She also said that remote education is a tool.

Sharkey stated that remote learning should not be considered a substitute for the school, as it allows students to attend classes even when they are not available in the classroom.

There were two choices when it came to blizzards in the past. The school can still be held during a blizzard. What do you do? It’s obvious that not many people will come. It could be dangerous to travel there. You could endanger yourself or cancel your school. These are your only options. We now have another option. Sharkey stated that we could remotely hold school.”

The Children’s Hospital of Chicago published a survey in April that examined the caregivers of Chicago Public Schools children. It found that almost a quarter of them were “stressed,” anxious, angry, or agitated during the remote learning period caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The survey was published by JAMA Network Open. It surveyed more than 32,000 children’s caregivers in Chicago Public Schools, ranging in age from Pre-K through 12th grade. It took place between mid-June and July 15, 2020.

Chicago Public Schools have canceled classes since Wednesday due to a Chicago Teachers Union vote Tuesday night. Members decided to return to remote learning in light of rising coronavirus cases.

The Chicago Public Schools rejected a move to remote learning and classes were canceled on Wednesday. If a deal with the Chicago Teachers Union is not reached, CPS could cancel classes again Monday