Big Tech Employees Flood Democrats With Donations, Censor Conservatives


Campaign finance records reveal that Google and Twitter employees flood Democratic campaigns with cash. Republicans claim that the tech giants are censoring conservative voices. According to records, 94% of the total political donations made by Google (which owns YouTube) were pushed to Democrats by these top donors. 99% of Twitter employees donated money as well.

Fox News’ Dan Gainor, of the Media Research Center, stated that these companies are overwhelmingly liberal and pro-Democratic from the top. They contribute to Democratic causes at the top. They contribute in large numbers to Democratic causes at the bottom.”

Federal Election Commission records show that $690,300 was given by both Democrats and Republicans to the campaign cycle by individual donors from Google who donated $2,000 or more to the midterm elections. The majority of this amount has been used to fund Democratic coffers. These Google employees donated $652,600 to Democrats and only $37,700 to Republicans. This means that just over 94% went to Democrats.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, employees at Alphabet and Google’s parent company contributed almost $22 million to Democrats in the 2020 election compared to $1.4million to Republicans. These individuals contributed nearly $4.4 million to President Biden.

Employees of Twitter also strongly support Democrats. According to the New York Post, 99% of the $15,000 they gave in political donations to the company went to Democrats for the 2022 election.

Data compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics shows that 98% of Twitter donations were made by Democrats at the federal level during the last cycle.

Gainor stated to Fox News, “That’s what the problem is, the politics today – who and how it is happening – is being decided by people of one political stripe all of one party.”

Gainor is vice president of Free Speech America at Media Research Center. He also runs a website called that tracks instances in which right-leaning accounts or individuals have been silenced. The site’s tracking tracker has recorded 3,185 cases that involved YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Instagram.

According to news articles and the website, YouTube has seen several cases in which right-wing figures have been silenced. Ivy Choi, the spokesperson for Google, stated that YouTube’s Community Guidelines are public statements about what is allowed and what isn’t on the platform. They are equally enforced for all users.

After an episode entitled “The Left Hates Elon Musk because He’s Too Based!” that aired in December, Steven Crowder, a conservative comedian/political commentator, was suspended by the platform. A parody song was featured about a transgender person in a relationship. Choi stated that Crowder had repeatedly targeted the LGBTQ+ community.

YouTube placed an age restriction on a YouTube video by Young America’s Foundation on “Victims of Socialism” that featured a seminar by George Harbison (retired chief financial officer). Choi stated that the content did not violate their policies, but might not be suitable for children younger than 18.

YouTube was widely criticized for removing Bryson Gray’s “Let’s Go Brandon”, a song by rapper, from its platform for medical misinformation. Choi claimed that YouTube removed the video to deny that the pandemic was real and that COVID-19 vaccines didn’t work.

Gray shared the following tweet: “YouTube banned ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ from YouTube because of medical information. What medical misinformation is contained in the song?” Whoa.”

“Why is the most censored rap artist in America someone who doesn’t curse in songs?” Fox News interviewed Gray. Gray told Fox News, “Why can’t you rap about murder, drugs, and sex, but I get banned when I rap on questioning the government?” Is this America?

YouTube also removed a speech by Rep. Darrell Issa. It claimed that Issa violated YouTube’s rules against anti-vaccine information. Fox News reported that Issa supported vaccinations during the speech.

YouTube recently removed a video by conservative documentary filmmakers and podcasters Ann McElhinney, and Phelim McAleer regarding “medical misinformation.” This was following an episode where McAleer joked about how “great the pandemic has ended and lockdowns have been lifted.”

Choi stated that YouTube restored McAleer and Issa’s videos after more review. Twitter has also been accused of biased censorship. The social media platform recently removed the personal account of Georgia Republican Rep. Majorie Greene from its website due to a violation of its COVID-19 misinformation policies.

Twitter banned Robert Malone, a contributor for mRNA vaccine technology. He appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast to discuss the government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and vaccines.

Gainor stated to Fox News that Republicans are being attacked by Gainor’s “overwhelming spin” on censorship incidents. Gainor stated that “When Donald Trump was closed down, his account had already been censored 625x.” “Biden, zero. This is a significant difference.

Gainor reports that 54 Republican members of Congress have been censored by social media platforms since then, compared to one Democrat. He also noted that Facebook had censored the Democrat, but apologized and “canceled” the censorship just two hours later.

Gainor stated, “On social media, you can criticize any vaccines, even if it’s masking – cloth or vinyl masks for example – but if that’s pointed out for a while on social media, you’d get suspended or banned even though it’s actually true.”

Experts are proving more consistent in stating that cloth masks do not protect against Omicron variants as well as N95 and K95 masks. However, they say that any form of face-covering will be better than none.

Gainor stated that the media and tech giants had “sort of collaborated on this to silence dissent.”