Dying Corporate Media Fail To Gaslight Public With January 6 Hysteria


It’s heartening to observe the inability of corporate media to gain any momentum with this January 6th hysteria. Take a look at what’s happening right now. Since last year, the establishment media and organized left have worked together to turn a peaceful protest against voter corruption into a threat to democracy. This is the equivalent to Pearl Harbor or 9/11.

Corporate media have been strategizing and plotting for more than a year, with the support from a congressional inquiry by Kangaroo and billions and trillions of dollars… but this narrative is still failing.

American citizens are well aware of what happened on January 6. The demonstrators against voter fraud became violent when some idiots got involved. These people know that they will be punished. Americans know that the media tries to make people laugh by making up stories about January 6th, Pearl Harbor, insurrection, terror, and 9/11.

New Media has stated that no January 6th protestor was armed. And no one — not even one — has been charged for insurrection/terrorism. Ashli Babbitt was one of the protesters who was killed. The last year was terrible for Americans. They saw in horror as Democrats, media, and police encouraged and supported months of left-wing rioting in more than a dozen Democrat-run cities.

The failure to resolve the January 6 story is another watershed. It shows how weak corporate media are and how much they influence public opinion.

Here’s what you need to think about…

In 2012, the Republican Party was defeated by the same media, using a ridiculous comment made by Todd Akin (a Missouri U.S. Senate Candidate). Can you recall?

Take a look at the media today. They can’t even get past January 6. Look at Joe Biden’s low job approval ratings.

The story about Todd Akin was created to distract from President Obama’s terrible handling of Benghazi. Today’s media hysteria is the exact same: To save Joe Biden and to distract from the fact that there was serious voter-related tomfoolery during the 2020 election.

It isn’t working this time. Biden’s poll numbers remain terrible. The Democrats will be eliminated in November. The majority of voters support tighter election laws. This would also include Democrat voters.

What’s changed in 2012?

Ten year ago, New Media was limited in its response to Todd Akin’s media corruption. Today, we spend less time on defense and more time creating our own narratives that present facts, reason, and not hyperbolic, fact-free nonsense about 9/11 and the insurrection.