Whoopi Goldberg Stunned By Testing Positive For COVID


Whoopi Goldberg, co-host of “The View,” described Wednesday’s shock when she found out she had tested positive for coronavirus in the break between Christmas and New Year. Goldberg made a remote appearance on the show while she was at home and said that she was shocked to receive the positive test results. She stated that she had taken every precaution to prevent her from contracting the virus.

“I fled a few weeks ago, right before the break,” Goldberg said. It was because a person I knew tested positive for coronavirus. “So I’ve been gone for a while, I feel,” Goldberg stated.

“And I was all excited, and, you know what, they have to try us. So they sent people to test my, and it was like, “Oh no, you’re not returning.” We are not going to send anyone to your home. Corona is what you have. She added.

Goldberg said that her shock was caused by the fact that she had been fully vaccinated and had received the booster shot. She hadn’t left her home or done anything.

“But the problem with the omicron is that you don’t know where it’s at all. She said that you don’t know where it’s located, who has it, and who is passing it.

It’s one of those things that you think you’ve done all I should. It doesn’t stop the omicron. That’s the problem when a variant gets stronger and does other things to you. So, unless everyone gets vaccinated, this is what we’ll be dealing with for the next, you’ll know, a little while,” Goldberg said.

The massive rise in coronavirus cases throughout the U.S. led to the liberal daytime gabfest moving to remote broadcasting. The CDC says that the omicron virus, which Goldberg claimed she had contracted, accounts for over 95% of all new cases across the country.

Hospitalizations across the country have increased with an increase in cases. However, the new variant of the virus is said to be less severe than the previous ones.