Clyburn Confirms He Urged Biden To Nominate Black Woman To Supreme Court


James Clyburn, House Majority Whip, confirmed Thursday that President Biden asked him to nominate a Black woman for the Supreme Court. He also suggested a candidate that he would like to see elected. Rep. Clyburn was instrumental in Biden’s victory for the Democratic nomination as president.

The Democrat from South Carolina stated that “not a single time has Black women ever been seriously considered.” “And so I brought that up with then-candidate Biden back in 2020. Twenty, I felt that it was the right time to do something about this. How many times have we heard the phrase “Black women are the backbone for the Democratic Party”?

Clyburn said, “Well, you can’t just say it, you have to prove it.” I am a past-generation American, so it is their actions that matter more than their words. So President Biden made the commitment at Charleston debate in February. He stated that two years ago he would nominate or appoint an African-American woman to the court if given the chance.

Jonathan Allen and Amie Pernes, journalists Jonathan Parnes and Amie Parnes, wrote in their book “Lucky” that Biden confronted Clyburn off-stage during a February 2020 debate and asked him to promise to nominate a Black woman for the nation’s highest judiciary. Biden made the pledge during the debate, and Clyburn endorsed him the next day. Many believe this helped propel his struggling campaign to the forefront.

Biden received his first chance to nominate Supreme Court justices and to fulfill his promise to nominate Black women when it was revealed Justice Stephen Breyer, a liberal, was resigning later in the year.

Clyburn stated to the Washington Post that he prefers South Carolina District Court Judge Michelle Childs to fill Breyer’s position.

Clyburn stated, “Now, in regard to who, I don’t think I have anything against seven or eight names I have been suggested as possible candidates, the all great persons.” “The truth is that I have been talking to Michelle Childs with the president’s people for at least 13 years.”

Clyburn praised Childs’ journey from a blue-collar background through South Carolina Public Law School, to being a deputy director at a state agency and a worker comp judge. Clyburn stated that she is an “outstanding federal judge” and she understands the corporate side of the business world.

Clyburn expressed optimism that Childs would “absolutely” win Republican support in a divided and polarized Senate.

Clyburn stated that there are two Republican senators from South Carolina. Michelle is a great jurist and they both know her well.

Biden stated Thursday that he is still not certain who he will nominate, but plans to announce his choice by February end.

“I have made only one decision: The person I will nominate will possess extraordinary qualifications, character and experience, as well as integrity. Biden stated that this person would be the first Black woman to be nominated for the United States Supreme Court. “It’s long past due, in my opinion.”

Biden stated that he intended to make public his decision by February 31st.