Elon Musk Offers Support To Canadian Truckers Amid COVID Vaccine Mandate


Tesla CEO Elon Tesla recently tweeted support for Canadian truckers protesting the federal vaccine mandate. Musk wrote to 72 million followers: “Canadian truckers are the best” and added, “CB radios can be freed from government/media control.” ”

Ottowa antivaccine mandate driver took part in a demonstration against the Jan. 15 mandate to cross-border drivers.

Musk said in an interview last month that he and his family had been vaccinated as science has proven “unambiguous”. Musk however stated that he opposes mandates.

Musk previously doubted that the vaccine was effective and downplayed its impact on the pandemic. Musk defied California’s 2020 stay at home rule to keep Tesla factories open. Musk eventually made the decision to move to Texas.

According the Canadian Trucking Alliance, approximately 15% of Canadian truck driver aren’t fully vaccinated. This is 16,000 truck drivers.