Hillary Clinton Ripped Over Tweet Urging EU To Police Disinformation & Extremism Online


Hillary Clinton (ex-Secretary of State, United States) was severely criticized for asking the European Union to pass legislation on Thursday to stop the spread of extremism and misinformation online.

Conservative Twitter users were disgusted by Clinton’s tweet on Friday. They reminded Clinton that she was involved in the attempt to link Trump with the Russia Collusion hoax. They also accused Clinton’s desire to “control speech” as well as having a “totalitarian instinct.” ”

Hillary stated, “Tech platforms have amplified extremism, disinformation, and a lack of accountability for too many years.” ” “The EU is ready for action. ”

Adam Baldwin, an actor, tweeted about Hillary’s “tyrannical instinct”, and said that “No, Your Totalitarian Impulse” is wrong. GTFO is the most restrictive and effective way to let the market decide and distill ideas.
Kimberly Morin (a conservative author) responded to Clinton’s post asking: “You know all about DISINFORMATION?” ”

The Washington Times columnist Tim Young (comedian and comedian) tweeted his interpretation of Hillary’s words: “Translated.” To allow Democrats to maintain control of the narrative, the First Amendment should be restricted. ”

The Media Research Center’s Vice President of Free Speech America and Dan Gainor, Business, drew a hyperlink to Elon Musk’s bid for Twitter. He tweeted: “@elonmusk has become so terrifying for the left that they now demand more government regulation of speech. ”

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton tweeted, “Like her coconspirator Obama Hillary Clinton wants government to regulate speech that she doesn’t like.” This was in reference to the recent efforts of former President Barack Obama to combat “disinformation online.”