Irish Medical Official Claimed He Never Said Schools Were Covid Safe, But Did


Senior Irish medical practitioners have said that schools are unsafe for COVID-19 patients despite previous statements to this effect. Ireland’s Chief Medical Officer, Ronan Glynn stated that he and coworkers had never considered schools safe, despite saying so in an interview last Jan.

Quickly, video evidence was able to be used to support this assertion. The Deputy CMO stated that schools are safe because of all safeguards in place.

Many examples exist of elected officials calling schools unsafe. Tony Holohan stated schools were safe and that there was little evidence of transmission.

Premier Micheal Mart said that all public health assessments have shown that schools are safe. The Irish government used the fact top Irish doctors repeatedly called schools safe places to justify its decision on education policy.

Norma Foley (Irish Minister for Education) stated that schools can remain open as long as they do not contribute to COVID-19 spreading. Minister Foley stated, “All that is known, and all that is confirmed today in terms of public health, tells us that schools can remain open and be safe places where everyone can go.” ”

She stated that public Health has proven that schools are safe for students as well as their school community. The Republic of Ireland has had its citizens put under tighter control than many other European countries.

Anyone who has not been vaccinated or cannot show that they have recovered from coronavirus infection in the past 6 months is prohibited from eating or drinking indoors at bars or restaurants.

The non-COVID holder cannot go to cinemas, nightclubs, or theatres. An Irish senator suggested that these measures be extended to public transport. Senator Gerry Horkan of Fianna Fail said you must have your vaccinations to take part in the referendum.