Jill Biden Introduces Kamala Harris As The President, Then Says She Was Joking


Jill Biden, first lady, introduced Kamala Harris, Vice President, to the United States incorrectly during the Black History Month celebrations held at the White House. She called her the president of the United States. Later, she claimed she was joking and corrected her mistake.

Jill Biden stated, “Since then, she has dedicated her entire life to pursuing justice and equality for all. Joe is Joe’s partner in issues like voting rights. She is proud to be first, but not the only one.

Jill Biden started to announce Harris as the president of the United States. She was caught by the laughter of the crowd and a shrug from President Biden.

President Biden has repeatedly mentioned Harris.

During a South Carolina State University commencement speech in December, the president spoke highly of historically black colleges and universities.

He referred to her as President Harris in March 2021.