Arkansas Senate Candidate Says Peace In The World Is Only Secure Through American Strength


Jake Bequette, a U.S. Army veteran who was also a former NFL player, said Saturday on Fox News that Russia’s aggression against Ukraine is a direct result of the “weakness, incompetence” displayed during the withdrawal U.S. military forces from Afghanistan.

Bequette believes that peace can only be achieved through American strength.

Bequette spoke out during a Fox News interview on Saturday, as he said that he knew that the consequences of President Biden’s withdrawal strategy would “go beyond” Afghanistan.

Bequette stated that the events in Eastern Europe are a direct result the incompetence and weakness displayed by Joe Biden during the Afghanistan crisis. “We are seeing the enemies in Eastern Europe, South China Sea and Tehran. They’re aggressive because they see a weak commander-in-chief. It is shameful to see President Biden react too late, too little, too late.

Bequette stated, “When we project weakness, fecklessness, and incompetence the world becomes more dangerous.”

Bequette stated that he was against the president’s Thursday approval of the deployment of additional 7,000 U.S. soldiers to Germany following Russia’s multifront war on Ukraine. Biden maintained, however, that U.S. troops will not be involved in the conflict in Ukraine with Russia, but are there to “defend NATO allies” and reassure allies in East.

“I don’t believe we should send American troops into battle at the borders of Eastern Europe. We have enough domestic problems,” Bequette stated, referring specifically to the “open” Southern Border. “I don’t believe we should be committing American troops in Eastern Europe.”

Bequette stated, however, that it is possible to “stop these aggressive incursions by making red lines and defending them as you lay them.”

Bequette stated, “You saw with Obama administration red lines were repeatedly broken.” “President Trump fixed it and projected American strength overseas, and now, just more than a year into his Biden administration, the enemies see weakness.”

Bequette enlisted in U.S. Army’s August 2017 and completed Army Ranger School in October 2018. He was then deployed to Iraq as part of the 101st Airborne Division under former President Trump. He emphasized the importance of a strong commander-in-chief.

“This is one point I want to make clear: I knew, as did every soldier in my battalion, that we had an commander-in-chief who was there for us. We also knew that if anything happened to us, our enemies would be the ones to blame,” Bequette stated to Fox News. And, even more important, our enemies knew this.

“And so, then, we had a strong commander in chief, and then, we had peace. We now have an incompetent and weak commander-in-chief and a world that is literally unraveling.”

Bequette stated that he does not believe Russia is a threat to the country, nor what’s going on in Ukraine.

He warned that there is a possibility of a union between Russia, China. “We must avoid an alliance between Russia, China and the Biden administration through their incompetence and bumbling. This is the one thing that we need to avoid in geopolitics.”

Bequette is the primary-challenging Republican incumbent Senator John Boozman. He told Fox News that he is “totally invisible” on the issue of Ukraine and “all other issues.”

Bequette stated, “He is in witness protection program.” “The people in Arkansas deserve someone who will lead from the front, someone who can give Arkansasans a voice. This is what they want and deserve.”

Boozman has however received the endorsement of former President Trump. He endorsed Boozman in March 2021, months after Bequette launched her campaign.

Bequette stated that he has military experience and understands the needs and concerns of soldiers on the ground as well as how to fix them in the top echelons.

Fox News’ Bequette stated that “that’s one of my hallmarks” in his campaign. “That’s exactly what I will do in D.C., if I’m elected. And God willing, the people Arkansas will send me there to do that job.”