Biden Remarks Resurface Amid Ongoing Russian Invasion Of Ukraine


President Biden’s remarks about what might “happen in Ukraine under Donald Trump have been retold by the ongoing Russian invasion. Biden was then-candidate for Democratic National Committee (DNC) in 2019. The Women’s Leadership Forum Conference advised Trump not to vote to reelect him, pointing out a possible fall from Ukraine.

Biden said that it would be difficult to undo all of the damage he did to our democracy nationally and internationally. ”

Biden stated, “Imagine how much more he could accomplish in another year.” Imagine what could happen to Ukraine.

America Rising PAC, a conservative group published the footage of Biden’s comments in 2019. This clip became viral online.

The country has been devastated by two days of fighting in Ukraine. Russian forces attacked civilians throughout the war-torn country.

Citizens who wish to defend Ukraine have been given weapons by the government. The instruction was given to civilians to make Molotov cocktails.

Gunfire and explosions in Kyiv (the capital) marked the end of the second day of fighting. The Russian forces only made limited progress in the decapitation of the Ukrainian government.