Missouri GOP Senate Showdown


Former Missouri Governor. Eric Greitens claims that President Trump is the reason we are winning. Greitens, who resigned in 2018 after a sex scandal, and campaign misconduct charges were brought against him, has a clear advantage in recent polls over his top competitors for the GOP nomination in race to succeed Republican Sen. Roy Blunt.

Greitens stated on Thursday that they support a strong border. We support election integrity. We are the only true America First candidate in the race. This is another reason we are winning.

The former governor also highlighted his promise not to support Mitch McConnell (a long-serving GOP Senate leader and a top intraparty Trump rival), adding, “I’ve also made it very clear that when my term ends, I’m going vote for new America First leadership.”

Many of Greitens’ rivals attacked him again this week as they filed their Senate campaigns. They pointed out his controversies and questioned whether Democrats could flip the safe GOP-held seat, which is increasingly red in an increasingly red state, if the former governor wins.

Greitens responded by noting that the criminal charges of sexual misconduct had been dropped and that the FBI agent who investigated this case was later indicted on charges of perjury as well as tampering evidence.

Even though Greitens was fined for using a veterans charity’s donor list in his 2016 campaign for governor, Greitens said to Fox News that the Missouri Ethics Commission had come out and stated, “After the longest investigation its history, we found no evidence of Eric Greitens’ wrongdoing. So, the Missouri people know I’ve been exonerated.”

Two national conservative firebrands have given top endorsements to Greitens’ competitors.

When asked if he endorsed Hartzler out of concern about Greitens baggage, Senator Josh Hawley from Missouri said to Fox News Digital: “My endorsement for Hartzler is absolutely for Congresswoman Hartzler. It is not against anyone. She’s going to win the nomination. She will be a strong Senate candidate. She will win the Senate seat, I believe. She’s tough and has the character to do the job. She is a fighter.”

Hawley stated, “I’m going with her. I will help her raise the money she needs. I will support her on the campaign trail.” When asked if he would vote for the eventual nominee regardless of who wins it, the senator replied, “I think Vicky will be the nominee and I don’t want to suggest that it will be anyone else.” However, I am certain that I will do all I can to get a Republican elected to the Senate in November.

Ted Cruz, Senator of Texas, supports Schmitt.

Cruz stated that Eric Schmitt was the strongest conservative candidate for Missouri Senate. “I have known Eric for a long time. He is attorney general. He has been a friend, leader, and he has been fighting against China. He has been challenging Joe Biden’s weaknesses at the southern border. He has been taking on Big Tech.”

But Greitens downplayed his rivals’ big-name endorsements.