Los Angeles Schools’ Cult-Retreat-Like Gender Reeducation Targets Teachers Who Disagree


According to one participant, Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), trains teachers in “critical socio justice gender ideology” to help “address when students and staff make an “unacceptable” error in words or acts that are against gender ideologies.”

It was a “cult-retreat-like-experience” the LAUSD teacher who shared the information with Parents Defending Education (PDE) said. “The trainers asked us to stand up if we would use preferred pronouns.

If staff members didn’t agree to the ideology, it was “an obvious sign that they were problematic and bigoted and in error.”

According to the training slideshow, gender identity refers to “our innermost feelings about who we are as a man, woman, or both.”

A section titled “Interrupting Bias – Calling Out and vs. Staff are encouraged to call in students and staff who disagree with the ideology.

It “will likely feel difficult and uncomfortable”, but “calling out” those who don’t conform to the ideology is still “necessary.”

“Wow. Nope. Ouch. To begin the “calling out”, LAUSD staff recommends using this line: “I need to stop you right here.”

Other recommended lines include:

“Remember,” concludes the “calling out” section. “It is powerful for the target oppression to hear those words from the mouth an ally!”

“Calling in” appears to be a way of “exploring deeper” into someone else’s comments.

These are some of the best lines for “calling in”:

After reviewing how to help one’s peers, the guidance moves to the “Affirming student name/Gender” section. This states that all students have the right of being referred to as their chosen pronouns regardless of their school or legal records. Unofficial name changes are not subject to a legal name change.

It mandates that schools address students by their affirmed names/gender pronouns. [Emphasis added]. “Student-initiated Name Changes” require no parental/guardian notification or permission.

LAUSD staff are trained to ask the question “Do appropriate staff understand how to communicate with family while protecting student’s well being?” This is part of the “Gender Support Checklist” and implies that a government school will consider the best interests of the child, not the parents.

Nicole Neily, President of PDE, stated that “pressuring LAUSD employees into adopting language they might disagree with – and encouraging others bully, intimidate and silence dissenting opinions – is appalling.” This took place during all-staff school hours “training” during a shorter school day which puts a significant burden upon working families. District administrators have demonstrated that they prioritize social issues over core subjects and prioritize learning.