Plurality Says The Country Is More Divided Since Joe Biden Took Office


Monmouth University poll this week found that the majority of Americans believe the country is more divided than it was before President Joe Biden was elected.

The survey asked the following question: “Has America become more united, less divided, or not really changed since President Biden took office?” ”

48% of Americans believe the country is more divided than 15% said. Only 35% of Americans said that it had not really changed. This is another blow for the commander-in-chief, who declared “not really changed” in his first year. ”

Monmouth states that the word “divided” is the most common American term to describe the U.S. of today. Other words and phrases are “confused”, ‘trouble,”‘mess,” “fractured,” “disappointing,” “chaos,” and “disappointing.” ”

Nearly half (48%) of Americans think the country is more divided now than before Biden was elected president. “Divided” was the most popular answer. “Divided” was the most popular response. Only 15% of respondents used positive words.

The majority of Americans are negative about Biden’s future and how it will affect the country. 58% are skeptical about Biden’s future policies, and 41% are very pessimistic.

The survey was completed by 809 adults from March 10-14, 2022. There is a +/– 3.5 percent margin of error.